The wall of shame

"A pair of sinners stand before you, Der H and Brother Handro have committed the acts of procrastination and buying-the-shiney. They have confessed their sins, and begged for forgiveness. To demonstrate their repentance, they will cast aside all pride, all artifice, and present themselves as the God-Emperor made them... to you, the good people of the internet. They come before you with a solemn heart, shorn of secrets, their incomplete works naked before the eyes of Terra and of men, to make their pledge of atonement."

―Modified from The High Sparrow to the people of King's Landing


Brother Handro

That which is bought

A new starter Tau army

A new Storm Lords marines army;

Tactical squad

Sternguard squad

Devastator squad


Dark Imperium Primaris marines

40k - Dark Imperium - Death Guard

1 Ork Trukk

15 Stormboyz + Boss Zagstruk

5 Flashgitz

20 Ad Mech Skitarii + FW upgrades

3 Kataphron Destroyers

3 Ogryn

30 Savlar Chem-Dogs

1 Lord-Commissar

1 Metal Commissar

30k - 20 Ultramarine Breachers

30k - Word Bearers Contemptor

30k Legion Droppod

30k - 10 MkII Assault marines

30k - Narik Dreygur

30k - Storm Eagle

30k - MkII/III Command characters

30k - Parts for 5 Volkite Culverin, 5 Heavy Flamers

30k - Parts of Betrayal at Calth/Burning of Prospero

Bolt Action - 30 Ardennes Fallschirmjaeger

BA - 3 Panther tanks

BA - 15 Fall Blau/Stalingrad German infantry

BA - 1 MMG team

BA - Flammenwerfer team

BA - Winter German Platoon

BA - Tiger I

BA - M18 Hellcat

BA - Sherman V/Firefly Troop

BA - Churchill Troop

Battlefleet Gothic - 4 Imperial cruisers

Legion Sicaran Punisher

Legion Deimos pattern Predator Executioner

Legion Deredeo pattern dreadnought

that which is BuilT

Ork Trukk, magnetised to be Buggy

3 Meganobz

5 Burna boyz

10 Slugga boyz + Nob

Deff Dread

8 Savlar troopers

8 Savlar Veterans in Carapace

20 Savlar Conscripts

2 Chimera

1 Wyvern/Hydra, magnetised

1 Land Raider, converted for Guard use

8 Cataphractii, magnetised with Volkite Chargers

30 Word Bearers in MkIV

5 Ashen Circle

10 Skitarii Vanguard

3 FW MkIV Dreadnoughts

Tau - Devilfish

1 Crisis Suit, magnetised

3(!) Pathfinders

5 Firewarriors

Bolt Action - 20 German infantry

BA - MMG team

BA - Flammenwerfer team

BA - Pak36 team

BA - 1 Halftrack

That which has paint on it

2 Legion Droppods

5 Word Bearers Tartaros Terminators

1 WB Praetor in Tartaros Armour

1 Diabolist

1 Sons of Horus Legion Tactical Squad

1 Chimera

1 Ultramarines Legion Tactical Squad

2 Primaris marines, Storm Lords test scheme

10 Ork Shoota boyz + Nob

10 Ork Nobz

1 Warboss, 1 Painboyz

10 Gretchin + Runtherd

1 Imperiaiised Blitza Bomma

TX4 Piranha

2 Onager Dunecrawlers

Bolt Action - STuG IIID, 2 Panzer IIIs, 1 Panzer IVD, 1 Opel Blitz, 1 Haftrack, 1 Sdkfz 222.

Der H

That which is bought

Blood and Blunder - No peace beyond the line

Arcworlde - Troubles in the North

Bolt Action - Band of Brothers

Bolt Action - Brecourt guns

Bolt Action winter US army

Bolt Action winter US HQ

Bolt Action - US Army Winter MMGs x2

Deathwatch - Overkill (most of)

Deathwatch - Death Mask (most of)

Imperial Knight Renegade


30K - Autilon Skorr x3

30K - Nârik Dreygur

30K - MkIV Techmarine

30k - Primus Medicae

40K - Dark Imperium Primaris

40k - Genestealer cult new releases

Battlefleet gothic - chaos escorts

Battlefleet gothic - lava rock asteroids

Imperial Minotaur artillery tank

Renegade apostate preachers

many Hounds of Xaphan

that which is BuilT

Arcworlde - Battle for troll Bridge

Arcworlde - Sheep

Arcworlde - Elves

Arcworlde - Wood Troll

40K - Eldar Harlequins - OOP Metal

40K - Genestealer Cultists

40K - Tyranids

40K - Dark Imperium Deathguard

40K - Deathwatch Corvus Blackstar

Battlefleet Gothic - Blackstone Fortress

Battlefleet Gothic - Eldar

Battlefleet Gothic - 7 cruisers (chaos/imperial mix)

Battlefleet Gothic - 2 Grand Cruisers

30K - slaughter priest conversion

30K - Magnetised character parts

Blood and Plunder - Pirates

Blood and Plunder - Spaniards

Foamcore buildings

 70 Death Korps of Krieg

3000pt Mechanicum army


That which has paint on it

30K - 2 plastic contemptor dreadnoughts

Blood and Plunder - French

Blood and Plunder - English

Blood and Plunder - Frigate

Blood and Plunder - Brigantine

Bolt Action - 3 Shermans

30K - Character series model

30K/Scouring/40K - Crimson Fists

Bolt Action - Soviets

Legion Custodes Ixion Hale

Legion Custodes Aquilon terminators

Emperors Children Librarian

Bolt Action M10 Wolverine

Bolt Action KV1/2

Bolt Action - T34/ZP

Bolt Action - Soviet Heavy infantry

Bolt Action - Soviet Terror Squad

30K - 10 Custodian Guard

30K - 2 plastic contemptor dreadnoughts

30K - Vice Praetor

30k - 20 Tactical marines

30k - 20 veterans

30k - 10 Kakophani

30k - 2 Deimos pattern rhinos


That which is completed (Since the blog!)

That which is completed (Since the blog!)

XV25 Stealthsuit team

Lord Commander Eidolon

Winter modular Terrain

Sicarran Battle tank


Sicarran venator

Whirlwind scorpius

2 Deimos pattern predators

20 kakophani

5 phoenix terminators

6 scimitar jetbikes

Doom rider

Old Grog

Dreadclaw Drop pod