Things to come...

01/08/17 Eh...where does the time go. (Sorry that sounded a little morose!)

We really do live in a second golden age for the hobby. With GW showing marked improvement in sales (as discussed over @ BoLS) and more and more releases from smaller companies it seems that the wave of hobbying is set to grow and grow.

Part of GW's newly re-found success is certainly listening to their customers. The change back to the monthly White Dwarf (what's that? You have content now!?) certainly saw me renew a subscription I hadn't had for over 10 years! This month's White Dwarf certainly lives up to the new expectation.

Two things caught my eye...

Index Astartes - who doesn't love this segment! 

More importantly, hidden In the letters section was this gem:

This (surely!?) represents a hint at a return of Necromunda to our shelves! Coupled with Shadow War, more stand alone games and the re-appointment of a small team @ GW for other games (specialist games if you will) we could be facing a new side to GW. Even the community post with the laspistol had people wondering about a return to the underhive!

As a self-confessed Hobby Butterfly, this worries me. 

I narrowly missed out on the Shadow War box, although Brother Handro has the rules. I never played Necromunda either, but did play Inquisitor 54mm on occasion. I have read through the Necromunda living rulebook and the Inquisimunda supplement on several occasions and have actively thought about making several gangs/cults/war bands to try my hand at the skirmish side of the hobby. Gorkamorka was a set I had, and taking my yoofs through to boys, scars and all, Is something I fondly remember. 

If this comment is more than just a throw-away line then the shame bell will ring again as I will almost certainly cave in and buy a set. Whether I finish it or not, now that is the question...

Der H

Thought for the day:   "Blessed is the mind too small for doubt"