We have awoken!

Good lord it has been a long time again! It’s nearly the end of May, and we’ve not posted anything since November! Since then there has been much painting (Brother Handro: Ha!), two events, and a great deal of buying!

The time has come to try harder to deliver some more frequent content to motivate our progress through our respective (Der H: ever expanding…) legions of grey.

Der H is now post-exam, with NO MORE EXAMS in the foreseeable future (Brother Handro: I’ve heard that before) and now that real life is a little more settled, has promptly bought more models than sin.

Brother Handro has, again, flitted between several options, but has fleshed out the Sons of Horus to an extent never seen in our little hobby bubble (Der H: Don’t forget your rapidly expanding Instagram account Brother! Brother Handro: Linky linky)

We’ve been quite happy dishing out tempting pictures on Instagram, but haven’t really frequented our own blog…today that changes!

The plan…

Over the coming weeks we’re going to be more diligent at posting our exploits, starting with a veritable plethora of posts due this weekend when we attend…

https _cdn.evbuc.com_images_57312283_187242224480_1_original.20190223-161911.jpg

We’re heading down this Friday for a fun-filled weekend of Heresy gaming, and the old allegiance of the Sons of Horus and the Emperors Children will be put to the test (Brother Handro: Not really a ‘fair’ test though is it….). We’re planning on discussing our list over the weekend, and already have a sneak peek of some of the competition through our operatives (Der H: Ok…its Facebook), but more on this in our Throne of Skulls - prelude post later this week.

Following that we will be reviewing the much anticipated Battle report app MyMiniReport when it is released this week. This is much anticipated so head over to their Kickstarter for details of the (now closed) campaign, or head to their forum for general chatter.

Going forwards…

Following that we have a huge backlog of blog posts to churn through, from a review of the December 2018 Scouring of Melos event hosted by the Road to Terra Podcast, to a look forwards to their next event in July. We will discuss Der H’s exploits in Durham at the Company of Legends, and will be going through and showing all the lovely plastic/resin crack we’ve been buying…

In the mean time check our our official Instagram here…

…and Brother Handro’s instagram here…

Der H & Brother Handro

Thought for the day: “Heresy grows from idleness”

Another year, Another ETL...

Behold - in the nick of time - my finished ETL 2018 vow to complete 6 Scimitar Jetbikes as a Sky Hunter Squadron, with a sky Hunter Sgt with Phoenix power spear of total value 270 points! Its a shame I couldn't do a second pledge, have a lovely purple Dreadclaw that is gathering dust!

2018-07-31 12.30.12.jpg

For those that dont know, over on Bolter and Chainsword there is an annual event called the ETL ("E Tenebrae Lux" - Or for us peasants, "From darkness, light"). It is popular, and as such is now in its 6th year.

2018-07-31 12.30.30.jpg

Pledges are made to a particular faction on the boards, and their points cumulative to that faction's grand total, 270 points is a poor show in all honesty, but real life does get in the way.

2018-07-31 12.30.18.jpg

These are my first jetbikes. I have one more being built as a legion champion for Maru Skara shenanigans....but that can wait...

2018-07-31 12.30.48.jpg

I even put details on the control panel - a rare treat for me!

In the works are a Dreadclaw, 2 10 man tactical squads, 5 more phoenix terminators, a librarian (for the IIIrd you say?!) and some more HQs.....oh, and a Spartan!

[Brother Handro: "That's basically 2 years' work right there...."]

Der H

Summer 2018 - Pledges, the ETL, and life in general!

Well that was a long month! For once, I've made no progress because I've been on call or away for every weekend for the last 5!

April's pledge for me was a complete non-starter. With Land Rover woes [Brother Handro: "Joys of classic motoring right?"] and work it just didn't happen. May has also been empty so far, mainly due to weekends out of the country, or certainly out of the basement!

Life overall is getting better, but still very changeable!

To top this off, I have a post grad exam coming up which is costly - in both time and money (£1000 worth to be precise!).


Brother Handro and I have been talking - rarely, but it happens! - and have a plan: for the summer we will have no Hobby Butterfly Pledges. Instead, given a love of a certain forum, we will engage in the ever popular...

=][= E Tenebrae Lux VI =][=

...without further ado!

Der H

I Der H rise to the challenge of E TENEBRAE LUX with my IIIrd Legion and vow to complete 6 Scimitar Jetbikes as a Sky Hunter Squadron, with a sky Hunter Sgt with Phoenix power spear on or before August 1st, 2018. Success will redeem my honour whilst failure will doom me to wear the Badge of the Oathbreaker and bring shame upon my Legion.

My pledge can be found here and my progress can be found on my Bolter and Chainsword plod here.

Brother Handro



May the forces or the warp, the Warmaster, the Emperor, or mighty Slaanesh guide our way!

Brother Handro & Der H

April 2018 - Schroedinger's Pledge

In which we ponder whether a pledge is complete or not... 

Brother Handro 


I had high hopes for this one. A single model in a month...I could lavish care and attention on it...and yet in the end I kind of lost my way with it, and the result is functional, nothing more. Still, one more finished model for the collection! (*Tries not to think about the hundred models he's added since then*)

Der H

Yea, that didn't happen! I pledged to complete my Dreadclaw drop pod, and it is in EXACTLY the same condition as when I started....and it is also now the end of May...

Now...where is that woman with that bell...ah here she is...


Der H & Brother Handro

March 2018 - Pledges Complete

Behold! I FINALLY finished something!

Der H

Some time ago...I, Der H, pledged to build, prime and paint to completion my conversion of Lucius "Soulthief", "Fulgrim's Champion", "Blade of Aeons", "Scion of Chemos" or, as he who would become known, "the Eternal"....and so it has come to pass!

2018-03-28 20.16.57.jpg

Brother Handro

Meanwhile, I, Brother Handro, pledged to paint 10 Slugga Boyz and a Nob....



I'm actually really pleased with how the Boyz turned out...less pleased with how many more I still have to knock out...



WIP - Lucius (aka by the Almighty Emperor, painting!?)

It’s finally happening, Der H is painting something!

Today saw a flourish of progress from both Brother Handro and I - more on Brother Handro’s progress another time!

Lucius is more than just purple! 



An early wash saw me set me off slowly - needing to let washes dry has delayed many a project!



Other projects always need some paint too!



Not much in the way of WIP pictures - I often think models look much worse before they look better - but here we are with all colours blocked out, just waiting a few more details, highlights, and other finishing bits!


Stay tuned for the completion in the next week or so!!

Der H

WIP - Der H's Pledge - Lucius

What! There is actually an update...


It turns out that there is actually life in my basement yet....and my cat will certainly find it and try to kill it....

[Der H: "what am I doing again..."]

[Brother Handro: "Pledge. Pledge!"]

...that's right!

2018-03-07 20.30.09.jpg
2018-03-07 20.30.12.jpg

Lucius now has the base purple and the first shade. Just needs a final zenithal highlight after a wash and then I can start blocking out the other colours.

Given the corrupted look of his armour I am likely to go relatively simple on the colour scheme in terms of the brightness of the pinks. Perhaps some pearl/white panels and some silver/platinum sections to denote veteran status.....and obviously the skin chest plate!

I even managed to get some purple on my other big project...

2018-03-07 20.30.18.jpg
2018-03-07 20.30.22.jpg

Good lord, there is life in the basement yet!

Der H