Emperors Children

Fulgrim (...finally)

Everybody loves a ‘pretty boy’….(Brother Handro: apparently! It’s not something we’ve dealt with often….) and in 30k there’s only one true choice…


(Brother Handro: *cough* Sanguinius *cough*)



This beautiful model was released long ago, but I’ve simply not got around to buying him (Brother Handro: *looks around in disbelief surrounded by resin*). Finally, the wonderland/perpetual hell* that is the Heresy Trading Facebook group gave results in the form of an abandoned, part converted, Fulgrim.

2019-04-10 13.04.52.jpg

The cloak sculpt is a thing of beauty, and the feathers are pretty tasty too!

2019-04-10 13.04.52-1.jpg

Fulgrim, in game, can be run wielding either The Blade of the Laer or Ferrus Manus’ creation, Fireblade. The model only comes with The Blade of the Laer, which is beautiful in its own way, but in game terms Fireblade nearly always wins.

Blade of the Laer: Strength User, AP 2, Rending, specialist weapon, two handed

Fireblade: Strength +1, AP 2, Murderous strike (5+), specialist weapon, master-crafted

With the model only having the Laer blade, things went to Heresy Trading pretty quickly, with this as the result!

2019-05-20 22.29.06.jpg

The G-Dubs mainstream Rowboat Girlyman has a lovely sword which is quite large, and certainly larger then the Laer blade from Forge World, but works well as an alternative.

2019-05-20 22.45.25-2.jpg

The plan is to magnetise the swords, extract the fallen banner from the base to be carried by Phoenix terminators/Command squad, and to finish the sculpting on the cloak in the next few months…

…Painting however will take longer. Miles of Lil Legend Painting Studios has a fantastic series via his Patreon covering some techniques…guess I should get started!

What do people think? Does the larger sword look too big?

Der H


Throne of Skulls - a Prelude

So, tomorrow is the day! Throne of Skulls! Our first doubles event and our first event at Warhammer World!

https _cdn.evbuc.com_images_57312283_187242224480_1_original.20190223-161911.jpg

We drove down in the mean machine that is Der H’s red and white Citroen 2CV6 (Brother Handro: I can confirm that my ears are bleeding…) and set up camp in a nearby well known hotel #notsponsored.

A quick trip to Warhammer World for supplies, beer, and a cheeky practice game and we have our armies ready for war!


Game 1 was Tide of Carnage with Dawn of War deployment. Emperors Children started strong hitting the rapier laser destroyers hard, and shaking the Whirlwind - snap shots FTW! 


The veteran tacticals of the Sons of Horus moved up slowly, taking out both Rhinos in close combat, but they were beaten back by Kakophoni. Bio-psychic shock gives D6 wounds at AP2 instant death, no cover saves allowed. On occasion this does nothing, but a poor side roll for Ld followed by a 5 or 6 just destroys units....like it did for Brother Handro...





Eventually, the relentless heavy 2 Kakophani, the sicaran and the Whirlwind were just too potent. With some particularly harsh shots from the sicaran at Brother Handro’s Delegatus leading to the death of the Sons of Horus warlord.


Game 2 was Dominion using the Vanguard Strike deployment. Brother Handro seized the initiative and promptly destroyed a predator, hull pointed the other. Turn two he destroyed the sicaran, and a rhino before the scorpius scored 19 strength 8 AP 3 wounds on the squad, killing all 10 occupants! Things were not going well. Der H’s scorpius survived all 6 turns but without Vox cover the scatters were significant!

Brother Handro

I’ve gone for a chosen duty list. My plan is two Rhino mounted veteran tactical squads each with a Nuncio Vox to provide reliable firing solutions for the Whirlwind scorpius. Two rapier laser destroyers hit hard when needed, and the list is rounded out with a 5 man volkite culverin squad, 5 man tactical support squad with plasma guns. All led by a basic delgatus. 1247pts all in, and ready to go!

The practice games with Der H were mixed. If the laser destroyer and scorpius get hit, it all falls apart. Der H got lucky game one with his Kakophoni rolls (Der H: well...you rolled the D6 instant death dice....) but it was going south before that! Placement is the key me thinks, and protecting the heavy stuff without sacrificing their LoS is going to be the trick.

Der H

I’ve gone with the ol’ faithful Kakophoni as my base, built around the IIIrd company elite RoW. This allows sonic shriekers for nearly everyone of note, Kakophoni as troops (with relentless to boot) allowing 17 heavy 2 Strength 5 biopsychic shock attacks per turn. Apothecaries are near-vital for this unit as without they have a HILARIOUS ability to wipe themselves off the table (Der H: you’d be surprised at how many 1’s can be rolled with 20 D6… Brother Handro: No…no I wouldn’t….). A Delegatus makes this possible, but he has to be cheap. Sicaran battle tank and Scorpius make a nice dual-threat armoured section. I toyed between using 6 Jetbikes with 2 multimeltas or rolling up with 2 predators, eventually settling on the latter!

Let’s hope they perform as well tomorrow!

More updates on our Instagram throughout the day, and on here at some point too!

Look out for our updates via MyMiniReport, and a full review of the app next week!


Der H & Brother Handro

Progress! ETL Progress

We actually had a hobby day! Brother Handro made some progress on his new knights, and I pushed on with my ETL vow! 


Gorgeous sunny day in Manchester so we were outside, made the paint dry faster!! 

Six jetbikes near finished! They all had Halfords grey primer, then a three stage airbrush (dark/mid/light purples and a wash) then silver.    After that it’s gold and brass with details. 

Six jetbikes near finished! They all had Halfords grey primer, then a three stage airbrush (dark/mid/light purples and a wash) then silver.  

After that it’s gold and brass with details. 

The majority of the jetbikes use a white triangle on the front armour plate:



Whilst the Sergeant has a band instead: 



I have plans for a champion on jetbike so stay tuned!! 

 Der H & Brother Handro

WIP - IIIrd Legion Librarian

During the hobby day this week I made  start on my IIIrd Legion Librarian conversion.

A relatively simple conversion, it’s a few pad changes, a Phoenix spear, and a new (god specific) summoned daemon.

The work so far is all around that daemon and the associated flame effect. 

Brother Handro helped me with the choice of flame colour, colour therory suggesting green (Der H:   “Good shout Brother!”  ) 



Earlier stages!



Near completion.


I aimed for a bright green flame at the claw, with a fade to black smoke around the daemonette. This merged with her robes, also black, and provided a clean backdrop for the silver armour and pale skin. 



Still needs some work, but it’s getting there!



Der H 

WIP - Lucius (aka by the Almighty Emperor, painting!?)

It’s finally happening, Der H is painting something!

Today saw a flourish of progress from both Brother Handro and I - more on Brother Handro’s progress another time!

Lucius is more than just purple! 



An early wash saw me set me off slowly - needing to let washes dry has delayed many a project!



Other projects always need some paint too!



Not much in the way of WIP pictures - I often think models look much worse before they look better - but here we are with all colours blocked out, just waiting a few more details, highlights, and other finishing bits!


Stay tuned for the completion in the next week or so!!

Der H

WIP: Lucius & other updates

Well it’s another slow month - largely because I’m spending a lot of time working on my 1989 Landrover 110....bit of a time pit!


However there is some progress; Lucius is built and primed, as is the dreadclaw!


In addition, I have another project in the works - 6 Legion Jetbikes!

So far, one is built as a Sgt with Phoenix spear, with the rest standard with some IIIrd legion upgrade parts.


All of the weapons are pinned, so I’m looking forward to switching this between FA & HS slots! 


Stay tuned for more! 

Der H

Project: Der H's January Pledge - Lucius

Behold my progress!

New year, New Der H! I went a bit mad in December and may have bought some things. (Brother Handro: "That is another post...") But I continue to be serious about making, and painting, my IIIrd legion.

I really like Lucius; he is a dynamic character who is the embodiment of the IIIrd legion. He is arrogant, he is glorious, and he is a true swordsman. He is also a little bit like Captain Scarlet.... i.e. not actually invincible (Der H: "He dies, like, every week...").

The imagery is stunning too. I love his depictions in Angel Exterminatus.


I've tried to make him before, but he always lacked, something. This time I wanted to craft him as he would be in the Angel Exterminatus era (from here forth Post-AE). I resolved to use the torso and head from the GW prime model, and de-chaosify him using FW IIIrd Legion arts.

Details I wanted were his pack, his whip, two swords, and the characteristic straps from his leg armour.

2018-01-07 20.54.06.jpg

The GW Prime model is slightly taller, partly due to the cloven feet!

2018-01-07 21.09.49.jpg

After much swearing I managed to test fit the new legs. He stands tall and is quite elegant, almost true scale. He will need some GS work to fill the gaps and re-sculpt the loincloth.

2018-01-07 21.19.13.jpg

I went for two swords, and pads from the Phoenix Terminators. His left hand blade is that of the GW prime model, whilst that in his right hand is a palatine blade sword.

2018-01-07 21.53.47.jpg

With some trimming and some boiled water I was able to coil the whip into a clip to place on his hip - I had to have this beauty on the model.

Additions I hope to add will be twin daggers - I want him to seem ready to fight and never be unarmed - and possibly a bolt pistol in holster.

I will run him, most likely, as a praetor with Paragon blade & Lucid blade. The former to represent his prowess, the latter the represent the whip. I may swap these for power sword , charnabal sabre or even lightning claw (to represent the whip lashing his foes) depending on games - hardly WYSIWYG but it is all in the narrative.

Der H

Project - Der H's IIIrd Legion Librarian

Progress for the Progress god!

I did some more work on the Forge World Cataphractii Terminator Librarian for my IIIrd legion. We discussed on this blog (here!) and over on Youtube (here!) the issues that come with the Emperors Children and Librarians. Aside from them looking awesome (Shout out to Lil Legend Studios!) I really wanted to add some late heresy goodness to my force. A psyker who can channel the excesses of Slaanesh to the extent that he can summon a Herald of Slaanesh to the table would surely warrant Fulgrim's favour.

Lets look at some pictures!

First off, the flames...these needed some serious cutting and re-sculpting...

The resculpting itself was relatively easy, but took time - I think the effect works but I'll no doubt find out when painting!

Next I had to sort out shoulder pads. The originals were very pointy, and fitting for Cataphractii armour and for the Night Lords/Sons of Horus, less so for the sleek lines of the IIIrd. I settled for the pads from the Primus Medicae (my own take of this is the topic for a future blog post!).

The Phoenix power spear replaced the force axe very nicely, the hand was simply swapped. Im glad FW released the Phoenix power spear upgrade set - saves a lot of eBay trawling!

The finished model is quite effective, if a little tall - I can't see this guy squeezing into ruins any time soon!

2017-08-14 16.28.24.jpg

Until we reach the later stages of the heresy in the Forge World black books I doubt we'll get much in the way of traitor psychic powers. For now, and in 7th, 2 mastery levels from Telepathy would work well. The Primaris Power Psychic Shriek works well for the IIIrd, and anything from Dominate, Terrify or Hallucination would be fitting powers granted by Slaanesh.

What do you think guys? Do you like the conversion?

Der H