April 2018 - Schroedinger's Pledge

In which we ponder whether a pledge is complete or not... 

Brother Handro 


I had high hopes for this one. A single model in a month...I could lavish care and attention on it...and yet in the end I kind of lost my way with it, and the result is functional, nothing more. Still, one more finished model for the collection! (*Tries not to think about the hundred models he's added since then*)

Der H

Yea, that didn't happen! I pledged to complete my Dreadclaw drop pod, and it is in EXACTLY the same condition as when I started....and it is also now the end of May...

Now...where is that woman with that bell...ah here she is...


Der H & Brother Handro

WIP - Lucius (aka by the Almighty Emperor, painting!?)

It’s finally happening, Der H is painting something!

Today saw a flourish of progress from both Brother Handro and I - more on Brother Handro’s progress another time!

Lucius is more than just purple! 



An early wash saw me set me off slowly - needing to let washes dry has delayed many a project!



Other projects always need some paint too!



Not much in the way of WIP pictures - I often think models look much worse before they look better - but here we are with all colours blocked out, just waiting a few more details, highlights, and other finishing bits!


Stay tuned for the completion in the next week or so!!

Der H

WIP - Der H's Pledge - Lucius

What! There is actually an update...


It turns out that there is actually life in my basement yet....and my cat will certainly find it and try to kill it....

[Der H: "what am I doing again..."]

[Brother Handro: "Pledge. Pledge!"]

...that's right!

2018-03-07 20.30.09.jpg
2018-03-07 20.30.12.jpg

Lucius now has the base purple and the first shade. Just needs a final zenithal highlight after a wash and then I can start blocking out the other colours.

Given the corrupted look of his armour I am likely to go relatively simple on the colour scheme in terms of the brightness of the pinks. Perhaps some pearl/white panels and some silver/platinum sections to denote veteran status.....and obviously the skin chest plate!

I even managed to get some purple on my other big project...

2018-03-07 20.30.18.jpg
2018-03-07 20.30.22.jpg

Good lord, there is life in the basement yet!

Der H

Pledges - March 2018

[Brother Handro: ".........."]

[Der H: "...just don't say anything...."]

Der H

I, Der H, kinda/might/maybe/sort-of pledge to complete Lucius "the Eternal" model.....ONE!

2018-03-01 20.30.48 (2).jpg

Brother Handro

I, Brother Handro, do hereby pledge to paint 10 Slugga Boyz and a Nob. Probably Goffs. Simples!...



Aaaah, you can almost smell the potential...or maybe it's just the primer...

Aaaah, you can almost smell the potential...or maybe it's just the primer...


Brother Handro & Der H

Though for the day: "Reach out to embrace the glories that will come"



WIP: Lucius & other updates

Well it’s another slow month - largely because I’m spending a lot of time working on my 1989 Landrover 110....bit of a time pit!


However there is some progress; Lucius is built and primed, as is the dreadclaw!


In addition, I have another project in the works - 6 Legion Jetbikes!

So far, one is built as a Sgt with Phoenix spear, with the rest standard with some IIIrd legion upgrade parts.


All of the weapons are pinned, so I’m looking forward to switching this between FA & HS slots! 


Stay tuned for more! 

Der H

Pledges - February 2018

[Der H: "Shall we try that again..."]

[Brother Handro: "Speak for yourself!"]

Right! Not the best start!

Der H

I, Der H, to atone for my repeated failures do hereby pledge to complete my conversion of Lucius "the Eternal" AND prime and base coat a Legion Anvillus Pattern Dreadclaw Drop Pod.

2018-01-26 22.19.23.jpg
2018-01-26 22.18.51.jpg

Brother Handro

I, Brother Handro, in order to make some real progress this month (and wouldn't you know it, it's a short one!) do hereby pledge to build and indeed attempt to paint one of these....


Yep, it's an Ork Warboss on a bike (Der H: Technically it's a trike...), that used to be known as Boss Zhadsnark, Da Rippa, but that's all tucked away in the FW Xenos Index nowadays, so he'll just be a generic bikerboss for me, accompanying all those bikes I have to finish...



January 2018 - Pledge - Der H's Failure


Yes, yes I know....Shame.....

It has been a great month! Seriously, a fun, busy, rewarding and exhausting month.

Progress was made:

But overall, no completed Lucius...I did make several other bits of progress though, with my resin haul washed and even some of it built (spoilers!)

2018-01-22 20.12.11.jpg
2018-01-22 20.12.16.jpg

Brother Handro, I believe, faired better, but that is another story! Hobby day ahoy next week and so, watch this space!

Der H