Pledges - February 2018

[Der H: "Shall we try that again..."]

[Brother Handro: "Speak for yourself!"]

Right! Not the best start!

Der H

I, Der H, to atone for my repeated failures do hereby pledge to complete my conversion of Lucius "the Eternal" AND prime and base coat a Legion Anvillus Pattern Dreadclaw Drop Pod.

2018-01-26 22.19.23.jpg
2018-01-26 22.18.51.jpg

Brother Handro

I, Brother Handro, in order to make some real progress this month (and wouldn't you know it, it's a short one!) do hereby pledge to build and indeed attempt to paint one of these....


Yep, it's an Ork Warboss on a bike (Der H: Technically it's a trike...), that used to be known as Boss Zhadsnark, Da Rippa, but that's all tucked away in the FW Xenos Index nowadays, so he'll just be a generic bikerboss for me, accompanying all those bikes I have to finish...