October 2017 - Pledges Complete

Behold we are done!

Der H

I pledged to complete both my Blood and Plunder Brigantine and Frigate, and I have done so!

2017-10-26 23.17.36.jpg

Brother Handro

I pledged to complete my TY7 Devilfish of the Vior'la Sept, and here she is!


Stay tuned for next month!

Der H & Brother Handro

September 2017 - Pledges Update

Two whole months! TWO! We actually managed to keep our pledges for two months. To think, in that time we've almost painted more than we bought......(Brother Handro: "Erm....probably not...." Der H: "Shhhhhhh!")

For those that forget what we pledged, take a look here.

I, Der H, pledged to complete my Bolt Action winter terrain AND my Blood and Plunder Sloop , whilst Brother Handro pledged to complete one TX4 Piranha

We BOTH finished our pledges again!

Der H

Brother Handro

Stay tuned for tomorrow's announcement - Pledges for October!

Der H & Brother Handro

Project: Der H's September pledge - Blood and Plunder Sloop

Behold! It is finished!

2017-09-27 20.35.01.jpg

All it took really was some washes, some dry-brushing, and then some more washes!

2017-09-27 20.35.12.jpg
2017-09-27 20.35.25.jpg

I went for quite a muted theme, with a dark green and dark brown. The lantern has a slight yellow glow - hard to see here.

2017-09-27 20.35.17.jpg

The decking looked a little boring, but a nuln oil wash really brought out the detail, it gathered very nicely in the edges too, blending it all together. The anchor and the tiller both received a heavy dry-brush of bronze over the black base colour - it makes them distinct from the black painted wooden rails.

2017-09-27 20.35.05.jpg

The ship is rigged with the elastic cord provided by Firelock, and white foam paper was used for the sails. This holds a shape nicely and is hard wearing.

2017-09-27 20.35.28.jpg
2017-09-27 20.36.03.jpg

In a flurry of progress I managed to get my long boats done. Initially I was going to colour them to match the ships, but with No Peace Beyond the Line coming next year I wanted to make them generic enough to be used for any/all factions.

2017-09-27 20.35.43.jpg
2017-09-27 20.36.00.jpg

And with that my Pledge for September is complete! What do you think guys?

Der H

Handro - Pledge Complete - XV25 Stealthsuit Team

It is done. Step one on what will hopefully be a long and fairly productive road to hobby progressville. Pledge 1 was the mountainous molehill that we had to get over else we lose ourselves 'midst a sea of sprues and broken army lists. I painted some models, like.


Despite repeated urging from Der H to attempt a crazy 'stealth field engaging' look, I just went for the normal Vior'la scheme. It looks good, is fairly simple to pull off and crucially gives that clean, hi-tech look that is the Tau's signature. Also painting a new scheme on a model that's bigger than their standard infantryman is a nice way to ease yourself into a new army.

Fusion Blasters - For cooking things at medium range!

Fusion Blasters - For cooking things at medium range!


I'm branching out from modelling sand/train ballast with GW's Armageddon Dunes and Dust for my basing. (These guys have Dust). It's a nightmare to apply to bases with models already attached but I'm lazy like that. (Finished models, not award-winning ones!) It comes out well with a coupe of drybrushings.

SAM_0734.JPG pledge down, several more to go (hopefully!). Something vehicular next methinks...



Thought for the day; 'Listen not to the alien, look not upon the alien, speak not unto the alien!' 

Der H - Pledge Complete - Lord Commander Eidolon

Welp, after a whole day of hobbying with my good buddy Brother Handro, I can now call my monthly pledge complete.

This month, and every month from here on, Brother Handro and I are pledging to complete something from our hobby wall of shame in order to justify this whole exercise.

For August Brother Handro pledged to paint an XV25 Stealthsuit team, with homing beacon and some form of drone - After today these look pretty near finished, so keep an eye out for those!

I pledged the rather meagre-sounding challenge of completing Lord Commander Eidolon of the Emperors Children, and so it has come to pass...

2017-08-28 17.20.39.jpg

As with some of my previous projects (that I might get around to talking about...) I have magnetised the arms, head and backpack to allow complete customisation of the model (Der H: "Just in case....").

2017-08-28 16.58.28.jpg

I have stayed pretty close to the Forge World scheme. The golds are a variant of my usual gold scheme, but I added Druchii Violet for the first time...I think it works.

The face was always going to be an issue as they are my weakest area of painting. This has altogether too many layers if I'm honest, but the final result is OK. Saying that, at least my camera recognises it as a face!

2017-08-28 17.03.42.jpg

Overall I am reasonably happy with this character. What I am VERY happy about is that despite a pretty shit month in terms of real life events (even before my Kitten was run over) I have still managed to find some time to sit down, relax, and spend some time engaging in my hobby - It can't all be that bad then really can it...

Stay tuned for updates from Brother Handro on his August pledge, plans for the September pledge, and more general madness over the next few weeks.

Der H

Thought for the day: "The price of perfection is prohibitive" (Watch the video here!)