Legio Cybernetica - Brother Handro's dive into giant robots!

If there’s one thing playing games in a 30k environment has taught me, it’s that the bodies of the noble Astartes are but grist for the mill of the heresy, and no matter how superhuman they may be against humans or Xenos, the Iron Hands have the right of it…the flesh is weak!

Join me as I dive into the world of servos and plastek brain wafer-chips to bring you big stompy robots…

(Der H: So you bought a Mechanicus T-shirt and realised you should probably start all those robots you’ve been hoarding….)

The Calix-Thanatar, not as good as the standard, plasma mortar-lobbing one, but way prettier. Also I hate Salamanders.

The Calix-Thanatar, not as good as the standard, plasma mortar-lobbing one, but way prettier. Also I hate Salamanders.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Handro, Mechanicum are a bit…well, good, aren’t they? Yes, yes they are. You’ve grasped the practicalities of playing Mechanicum straight away! But obviously here at The Hobby Butterflies we like to think that fluff is equally if not more important and the lore behind the Mechanicum is some of the richest and most evocative of the 30/40k universe. Plus if you can think of something cooler than the line of Mechanicum models I’d like to know about it.

So we felt it was about time we had something 30K non-Astartes on the blog. We will both be churning out Mech and Imperial Militia forces over the coming months. (Der H: If we can find them in our piles of shame, that is!)

This is what the Castellax look like!

This is what the Castellax look like!

The initial plan is to complete a 1000 points Allies list for the upcoming return to Melos. So a Magos, 4 Castellax and the Thanatar need to be completed alongside a 3-strong unit of Vorax to accompany a Praevian consul. Plenty to be getting on with, but after that I fully expect to start requisitioning bigger, stompier robots from the forges of…y’know, I should actually get some fluff brewing…and from there, a long, slow descent into robotic madness…

Thought for the day: The flesh is weak, duh.


Teaching someone how to paint...

(Brother Handro: do YOU even know how to paint?)

(Der H: Fnar fnaar fnaaar….)

So my girlfriend recently asked if she could paint something. RESULT! one might exclaim! I regularly teach people clinical knowledge/skills and the likes but painting is not something to which I profess any great skill! The opportunity, however, was too great to pass up!

Rooting around for something not too big, not too small, not to complicated, but detailed enough, and (Brother Handro: importantly…) not too expensive, was difficult! In the end my two, sorry looking purple contemptor dreadnoughts caught my eye. Lightly modified Plastic contemptors, resin weapons, a havoc launcher, and an upcoming event in which to use them, provided the perfect palate.

2019-06-03 19.06.52-1.jpg

Simple techniques first, with drybrushing, washing and edge highlighting. All proved pretty easy for her. She has some experience in pottery painting, and found the whole process relaxing.

2019-06-03 19.06.52.jpg

Names for things are a little tricky, but she soon learnt the basics. The basic steps done, we even tried some freehand marble!

2019-06-05 20.56.22.jpg

It is interesting, given the range and variability in our own hobbies, how constricting a legion paint scheme can be. I was constantly met with “what colour should X be”; I suppose it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme, but if all my lascannons are black and silver, then a red one will look odd!

2019-06-05 20.56.37.jpg

So far we are onto the weapons, then the havoc launcher and we’re done. I think I will go onto transfers and weathering - she seems eager to learn more!

After this I think I will give her some free rein and paint some blood and Plunder or some ArcWorlde - both games that I like but have seriously under-loved; hell, it might give me chance to use some contrast paints

Der H

Emperors Children Siege Breaker - aka "Do I need another character?"

It is well known that I have too many HQ choices…(Brother Handro: Isnt it near 12 now…) but with the Narrative event of Purging of Melos coming up soon (July 2019) we need an ‘event character’.

This character will be discussed more closer to the event, but essentially is a stock centurion with 11 upgrade points. Other than this they cost nothing to the army list, and can progress during the event by surviving.

In my case i wanted a warlord that would fit with a Kakophoni heavy IIIrd company elite list. I also wanted him to be vaguely siege themed as (If I paint hard enough) I was going to have my Death Korps of Krieg Imperial Militia as a siege regiment with Ordo Reductor support (Der H: ….lets see how that goes eh?)

Behold my progress…

2019-06-05 15.38.07.jpg

As you can tell there are a few bits from a few sources. The torso is from the Palatine blades kit. The head and left arm are from GWs own Slaaneshi upgrade kit. We have a right arm, pad and sword from the legion praetor set and a MKII Emperors Children pad on the shoulder. Some GW plastics in for the form of a chaos backpack, and a AoD dagger and Horn round him out. Phosphex bombs in hand and mag-locked to his legs complete the look!

2019-06-05 15.38.07-1.jpg
2019-06-05 15.38.07-1-2.jpg

I was going for a vaguely Joshua vibe from the battle of Jerico… double edged sword, spear (see below) Ram Horn, and suitable Slaaneshi parts to match. Leading a IIIrd company elite RoW force he fits in well, and depending on what else is in my list he may well see some action!

Because magnets are cool, I’ve equipped him to have paragon blade inter-changable with phoenix power spear - depends on my mood!

2019-06-05 15.38.07-1-1.jpg

What do we think? Good? Bad? Ugly?

Der h

So you want to build ANOTHER storm eagle...

(Der H: Well not quite…he isnt that insane…but maybe I am…)

Soon after the crushing defeat that was game 5 of Throne of Skulls day 2 I went to the shop and bought the things…

Now, usually that is how the things would stay for, say, 6-8 months. But this time I wanted to build ALL the things. A day off gave me an afternoon free between the chores of adult life so I sat down to build some models. After a quick character-related warm up, I set about building a Storm Eagle…

2019-06-05 17.53.41.jpg

As you can see the Krieg were pushed to one side, and the parts clipped, sanded, washed, and bent back into shape. Dreading the warp (Brother Handro: I see what you did there…) so frequently associated with this kit I straightened things during the wash and had both hair drier and heat gun at the ready. The first steps were easy enough, plastics fit into resin panels with ease if they can only fit one way! Pretty soon i was at the vital stage of fitting the door; now comes the serious work.

You may recall that at the Throne of skulls event last month we met Wrights Adventure Guild with an Emperors Children/Alpha Legion combo. James’ Storm Eagle was my new favourite thing ever….and although I’d seen the Shrine of the Aquilla conversion before, I thought James’ was perticularly good.

I had my wish list:

1) Eagle prow (obvs)

2) Maintain the ability to open/close the front door

3) Painted interior (at least the front)

4) Access to the rear interior.

2019-06-05 17.22.03.jpg
2019-06-05 17.22.12.jpg

The initial fit, after much swearing, gave a good cosmetic result, but the door wouldn’t really open anymore! The issue was one of the lower edge, and on opening it tended to foul the underside.

2019-06-05 17.28.47.jpg

A little more whittling gave it the range it needed. At this stage the door was heavier and wouldn’t stay shut…to the magnets!

2019-06-05 20.49.18.jpg

When approaching the rear I hit a snag. I couldnt seen any way of (easily) making the rear door open/close. The hinge wouldnt be that much of an issue, but the door was oversized by 4 mm, the hinge not the sturdiest, and the rear required some encouragement to align properly - massively helped by gluing the door. This poses two problems:

1) In order to see the inside of the rear portion the rear door must open OR the roof must come off.

2) If the roof comes off it is less sturdy, and the rear is likely to look less well aligned.


1) Build a new hinge for the rear door, paint separately, glue roof

2) Leave door attached, leave roof detachable, never look at the rear again

3) Leave Door attached and, after painting the front interior, glue it up for ever!

…Tricky descision.

2019-06-05 21.03.54-1-1.jpg

This is how we currently stand! She is looking very tidy (Brother Handro: If you say so yourself…) and the door sits open nicely for a hot ‘combat drop’ from hover mode…

2019-06-05 21.03.54.jpg

When sitting on her landing struts the door, unfortunately, doesn’t open; Ill have to put this down to a style thing…

She still needs a plan for the rear hatch, lots of filling and a base to be built, but we arn’t that far off! What do you all think?

Der H

Fulgrim (...finally)

Everybody loves a ‘pretty boy’….(Brother Handro: apparently! It’s not something we’ve dealt with often….) and in 30k there’s only one true choice…


(Brother Handro: *cough* Sanguinius *cough*)



This beautiful model was released long ago, but I’ve simply not got around to buying him (Brother Handro: *looks around in disbelief surrounded by resin*). Finally, the wonderland/perpetual hell* that is the Heresy Trading Facebook group gave results in the form of an abandoned, part converted, Fulgrim.

2019-04-10 13.04.52.jpg

The cloak sculpt is a thing of beauty, and the feathers are pretty tasty too!

2019-04-10 13.04.52-1.jpg

Fulgrim, in game, can be run wielding either The Blade of the Laer or Ferrus Manus’ creation, Fireblade. The model only comes with The Blade of the Laer, which is beautiful in its own way, but in game terms Fireblade nearly always wins.

Blade of the Laer: Strength User, AP 2, Rending, specialist weapon, two handed

Fireblade: Strength +1, AP 2, Murderous strike (5+), specialist weapon, master-crafted

With the model only having the Laer blade, things went to Heresy Trading pretty quickly, with this as the result!

2019-05-20 22.29.06.jpg

The G-Dubs mainstream Rowboat Girlyman has a lovely sword which is quite large, and certainly larger then the Laer blade from Forge World, but works well as an alternative.

2019-05-20 22.45.25-2.jpg

The plan is to magnetise the swords, extract the fallen banner from the base to be carried by Phoenix terminators/Command squad, and to finish the sculpting on the cloak in the next few months…

…Painting however will take longer. Miles of Lil Legend Painting Studios has a fantastic series via his Patreon covering some techniques…guess I should get started!

What do people think? Does the larger sword look too big?

Der H


Legio Fureans

So Adeptus Titanicus is finally returned, and I am here for it!

[Brother Handro:   “you took your time...”  ] 

Exams and really life issues  took priority so it sat UNOPENED for weeks. Finally, after a busy Hobby Day with Brother Handro, I can claim some progress! 


The sprues themselves are a thing of beauty! 


Slowly taking shape...


Titans are amongst us! 


The building kits are simultaneously amazing and infuriating; they have a degree of interchangeability but several combinations simply won’t work. I focussed on a huge building with the large walls, and small buildings with the small walls. Brother Handro did the opposite. Hopefully this will give us an array of buildings to use for our upcoming games!


The shame grows! A quick, post shift, trip to Element Games resulted in some re-enforcements to the Legio, as well as a fan of lead belcher....because who has time to paint silver for days...

I’ve decided on Fureans for my Legion. Good true traitors, and suits my Kill Kill Kill tactics! The black books are full of reference images... 


Just need to learn to paint now....if only there was some way of doing it...*furiously orders stencils* 

Der H 

Instagram progress!

So, real life is in the way again. Der H is approaching his last (Der H:   “hopefully...”  ) post grad exam, and Brother Handro is merrily churning through thousands and thousands of points of Sons of Horus before Decembers  Scouring of Melos event in Stockport. 

This will be our first ever event weekend - late to the party as ever - and will see Brother Handro’s SoH and Der H’s EC battle it out with 18 other North-West heresy fanboys. Having played some of these guys before we’re expecting tough competition. The whole thing is organised by the Road to Terra guys; they’re awesome guys so check out their podcast.


There has been some! 

Brother Handro has been merrily painting his SoH. 33 infantry this week, and 33 to go....(Brother Handro:   “....and the vehicles” )


Meanwhile, Der H has been assembling Phoenix Terminators....after the mammoth task of relocating his modelling desk out of the city of Rapture...aka the basement of damp.... 


Hopefully it all come together for December! 

Check out our pages on Instagram:

@brotherhandro and @thehobbybutterflies 


Brother Handro & Der H 

Adeptus Titanicus arrives!

So, like many of you, we have both been suckered int...dutifully bought the infamous Grand Master Edition of GW's new Adeptus Titanicus range, (Der H -'Did we not have enough to do?) and I couldn't wait to get started, getting a Warlord built on release day...of course it wasn't until 3 days later I realised I'd put the lower legs on back to front...

Airbrush stage finished, onto the nitty gritty...

Airbrush stage finished, onto the nitty gritty...


It is definitely easier to paint the armour panels whist still on sprue, especially if you're airbrushing.


You will be heartily sick of painting armour trim by the time you finish...

...but once it starts to come together...

...but once it starts to come together...

Starting to put some panels into place...

Starting to put some panels into place...

Slowly, slowly...

Slowly, slowly...


And finally a mock-up to check the leg plates all fit as they should...once the lower legs were the right way round...

This one is Legio Praesagius, but I expect to cave in and go full Legio Gryphonicus before too long...glad I got my World Eaters test scheme down though!...