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So, real life is in the way again. Der H is approaching his last (Der H:   “hopefully...”  ) post grad exam, and Brother Handro is merrily churning through thousands and thousands of points of Sons of Horus before Decembers  Scouring of Melos event in Stockport. 

This will be our first ever event weekend - late to the party as ever - and will see Brother Handro’s SoH and Der H’s EC battle it out with 18 other North-West heresy fanboys. Having played some of these guys before we’re expecting tough competition. The whole thing is organised by the Road to Terra guys; they’re awesome guys so check out their podcast.


There has been some! 

Brother Handro has been merrily painting his SoH. 33 infantry this week, and 33 to go....(Brother Handro:   “....and the vehicles” )


Meanwhile, Der H has been assembling Phoenix Terminators....after the mammoth task of relocating his modelling desk out of the city of Rapture...aka the basement of damp.... 


Hopefully it all come together for December! 

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Brother Handro & Der H 

So you want to build a Storm Eagle...

Short answer - don't.

Long answer...

FW resin, meet my friend Mr. Clamps...

FW resin, meet my friend Mr. Clamps...

Now this is how the Steagle sat on my shelf for nearly a year, which was long enough for the top rear panel to almost nearly not quite fit where it needed to be...Seriously, it was, and still is way out from where it ludicrously claims it ought to physically be able to exist. The fit is so bad, I eventually had to pin both sides of the fuselage to the floor, even after hours of heating and filing. Even then, the front ramp sits in a gap that is too big for it, requiring plasticard and Greenstuff to help out.

Further on....you can see that even the plastic on this kit is bent,  the front 'flap' of the cockpit housing the (absent) Multimelta is lifting away from the hull...You can also see that the resin differs in colour, depending on whether it had sat in the sun on my shelf or the darkness of the hobby cupboard for a year...

Further on....you can see that even the plastic on this kit is bent,  the front 'flap' of the cockpit housing the (absent) Multimelta is lifting away from the hull...You can also see that the resin differs in colour, depending on whether it had sat in the sun on my shelf or the darkness of the hobby cupboard for a year...

I had to remove significant amounts of the rears of the top wing parts (where the Greenstuff is in the above pic) just to get them in, the main issue being that the front plastic top panel just wouldn't sit in the right position, consequently shifting all the parts behind it out of position...The engines are pinned into the hull for strength, most of the weight is on the wings and rear of the model (which also causes 'issues' in terms of flying stand stability). Don't forget to pin the landing skids to their legs either, I didn't trust them to hold the weight of the thing alone. Magnetising is an option here.

Pretty much there!

Pretty much there!

Here she is, pretty much done and awaiting undercoat. What a labour of...well, it wasn't love, certainly. Bit of a grind, really!

Best of a bad job an' all that...

Best of a bad job an' all that...

Here you can see the WIP 'Greenstuff covered in Liquid Greenstuff' phase of the project. Yeah. It looks better than this now, promise!

Overall, this is a great looking model (remember the brick-like abomination this kit is based on) that is dragged down by horrendous warping and bad fit. Equally it's so rear-heavy extra attention will be required to get it to go safely (and/or semi-permanently) on its flying stand. God-Emperor knows how I'll transport it either. I can't really recommend the kit itself to anyone, never mind the inexperienced modeller, just get a Spartan instead. (Der H: Funny you should mention that...) It does pretty much the same job and is more survivable (on and off the battlefield). However, if you really want, or list restrictions require you to have a flyer transport, you don't have any other option in this price range...in that case, Emperor be with you.



Handro lives!...

...and therefore builds things!

It begins...

It begins...

Behold! As DerH mentioned, I did indeed pick up both variants of Land Raider Proteus at the FW Open Day, and by some dark magic, have turned them both around from bags of bits to fully built tanks in less than a week. I know, sit down, I've gone light-headed. The reason? Well, we've only gone and signed up for a campaign weekend in December, for which I bravely decided to volunteer my Sons of Horus for. Y'know, that army I've been collecting for the best part of a decade but barely has 1000 points painted. Yeah, that one.

So now I'm looking at completing around 1000 points a month until December, so I gotta build at lightning speed just to keep up my average whilst I'm unlikely to be finishing painting anything in the first month.



As you can see above, both tanks have Sons of Horus doors (on a whim, despite me picking up the newer transfer sheet too). I preferred this design to the big round eye one, the chains make it more evil somehow. (Everyone  knows chains = evil, right?)

Such has been the strength of my hobby zeal, a notorious kit that has been lurking on my shelf for nearly a year now has rolled onto the hobby conveyor belt...


I don't think there is a single straight panel on this thing...I got lucky with the Land Raiders not being as bad as I feared, but it was all paid back with interest on the Steagle...It's a little further on than in this pic; engine blocks and funny top wing things (DerH - technical term) are on and greenstuffed. On the home stretch hopefully!

Thought for the day: For the Warmaster!


Progress! ETL Progress

We actually had a hobby day! Brother Handro made some progress on his new knights, and I pushed on with my ETL vow! 


Gorgeous sunny day in Manchester so we were outside, made the paint dry faster!! 

Six jetbikes near finished! They all had Halfords grey primer, then a three stage airbrush (dark/mid/light purples and a wash) then silver.    After that it’s gold and brass with details. 

Six jetbikes near finished! They all had Halfords grey primer, then a three stage airbrush (dark/mid/light purples and a wash) then silver.  

After that it’s gold and brass with details. 

The majority of the jetbikes use a white triangle on the front armour plate:



Whilst the Sergeant has a band instead: 



I have plans for a champion on jetbike so stay tuned!! 

 Der H & Brother Handro

NW30K - The Coronid Deeps - Character profile

Time for the main man! Praetor Lucius Tredecimus Brutus!

Lucius Image.jpg

A game of poor rolling for Ld tests - even with an apothecary, champion and 7 palatine blades the deathsworn and magic Wolves champion, apothecary chap cut them down and a spectacularly failed Ld (5 & 6) meant they ran off the table - 6" deployment zones be damned!

Better luck next time!

Der H

NW30K - The Coronid Deeps - Character Profile

To follow on from my last post, now that I've played two campaign games its time to show off my campaign characters - today its Brother Chaplain Exurdo!

Exurdo Image.jpg

Exurdo didn't fare too well in his first game - his tactical squad was wiped off the board and he was left in combat with the Scars' praetor and his whole squad! Exurdo hit hard, and in teh challenge left the praetor concussed and one wound down. However, hit and run with jetbikes meant he ran, doubled back and cut him down on the charge.

Post battle he gained an attack but was captured. This is fun in and of itself; it means next month we'll have a Liberation mission to play!

Glory to the IIIrd!

Exurdo Combat.jpg

Der H

NW30K - Coronid Deeps - Campaign

Finally some games played! Here in the North-West of England we have a 30K FB group. Ive watched and never joined in before, but no longer!

THis month I have played 2 (yes...TWO!) whole games of heresy. 2000pts using the book IV conquest system. We have two campaign characters (with details of these to follow!) starting with one skill and one advancement.

I've played against a jetbike heavy Scars list, and a Wolves list with twin Arcus backline....needless to say my inexperience, poor list optemisation and general foolishness has lead to two crushing defeats....

Brother Handro: "....best paint some jetbikes then eh!"

2018-06-07 19.18.13-1.jpg
2018-06-08 19.29.53-2.jpg
2018-06-08 19.30.02.jpg
2018-06-08 20.04.26-2.jpg
2018-06-08 20.59.37-2.jpg
2018-06-08 21.51.26-2.jpg

More games to follow, hopefully with some success!

Der H

LORGAR Bearer of the Word - A Review

Shonky pic ahoy!

Shonky pic ahoy!

Continuing my very irregular book review series with the latest in The Primarchs series...

Coming in at 248 pages for a £12.99 hardback we are certainly in the realms of novella rather than full novel, albeit printed on a larger page. However this is not the book's fault; this seems to be style of the series, essentially giving the reader a flavour of the Primarchs' backstory/upbringing.

Which leads us to the first, crucial point; this book places way more emphasis on Lorgar's upbringing than on a general 'discovery by the Imperium/introduction to/shaping of the legion in question. Specifically, huge parts of this book are given over to Lorgar's first few weeks of life on Colchis. I would take the argument that this most pivotal of primarchs is deserving of such detail, in order that we may get a sense of his studious, fey nature but to me it just felt more like it belonged to a longer novel, rather than devoting a large portion of the novel to his first few weeks and the end pretty much being 'and then after a few years he conquered all of Colchis' (spoiler?). The balance is lacking in this one, I fear.

The contrast between this approach and say, Fulgrim, which places the reader at the IIIrd legion's first solo compliance action, many years post-discovery and legion shaping, with a few recollections of Chemos interspersed, was jarring. 

I would have much preferred Lorgar to have followed the same path and given us a sense of the legion adapting to its new father figure, taking on his teachings, moulding their faith, interspersed with flashbacks to Lorgar's early days on Colchis, much like the regular Horus Heresy series do. Conversely, I would have enjoyed a novel concentrating on Fulgrim's time on Chemos, a backstory I have always found interesting. However, I'm not here to wishlist the novel I wanted, but the one that we got..

The other major bone of contention I have with this story pertains to the pivotal Kor Phaeron-Lorgar relationship. Obviously this requires some suspension of disbelief that a demi-god-like being can be manipulated by a regular human, which is fine insofar as most of the plot of the Heresy requires this, but it still felt a little...plot-device-y. If I can venture some conjecture here,  I suspect the reason so much of this book centres around Lorgar's first few weeks of (conscious) life if that this was the only time it made relative sense for him to be so impressionable and accepting of so dubious a father figure; Kor Phaeron is completely bound up in his spiralling plots - Lorgar is only ever a tool to be manipulated. (There is a throwaway line right at the end of the novel implying Lorgar allowed Kor Phaeron to believe Lorgar unconditionally accepted his teaching as a way of masking his own plans, this is so convenient it just smacks of bad writing, and if Lorgar didn't truly believe all along, how on earth would he magically end up a true believer later?)

The parts I most enjoyed were those centred on Kor Phaeron's clandestine mission to keep the  'old faith' alive wherever he found it; this allows the idea that the seeds for Lorgar's return to the first faith he knew were planted way, way before his shaming on Monarchia and his pilgrimage to the Eye, rendering this aspect of the legion's volte face of worship far more believable. It was there all along!...

There are some minor grammar/continuity issues of no real concern, with the hilarious exception of the epilogue, which is set right at the onset of the Legion rejecting worship of the Emperor, (i.e. post-Monarchia) but according to the subscript apparently takes place in M40...c'mon guys, pretty basic timeline, you're only about ten thousand years out...

Overall, Lorgar is a decent read, I just feel its subject is a little misguided, (how apt!) and it could have done with more focus on the Machiavellian schemes of the legion in the run up (and way before) the Heresy and less on baby Lorgar's first steps. I can't let my personal feelings interfere too much; Lorgar is a decent book with a decent story; certainly you'll feel the urge to take up the sword and mantle of the cultist (incidentally I am building a cultist militia all of a sudden...), I just can't help but wish for the novel this could have been.


Thought for the day; 'Blessed is the mind too small for doubt'.