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So, real life is in the way again. Der H is approaching his last (Der H:   “hopefully...”  ) post grad exam, and Brother Handro is merrily churning through thousands and thousands of points of Sons of Horus before Decembers  Scouring of Melos event in Stockport. 

This will be our first ever event weekend - late to the party as ever - and will see Brother Handro’s SoH and Der H’s EC battle it out with 18 other North-West heresy fanboys. Having played some of these guys before we’re expecting tough competition. The whole thing is organised by the Road to Terra guys; they’re awesome guys so check out their podcast.


There has been some! 

Brother Handro has been merrily painting his SoH. 33 infantry this week, and 33 to go....(Brother Handro:   “....and the vehicles” )


Meanwhile, Der H has been assembling Phoenix Terminators....after the mammoth task of relocating his modelling desk out of the city of Rapture...aka the basement of damp.... 


Hopefully it all come together for December! 

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@brotherhandro and @thehobbybutterflies 


Brother Handro & Der H 

Blood and Plunder: No Peace Beyond the Line

It. Is. Here! 

Firelock Games’ 28mm historical pirate game is something really special. I went all in for their first Kickstarter, so when the second arose I had to go big or go home!

[Brother Handro: “ that why there’re still hundreds of lead coloured pirates in the basement?”

I’m a big fan of Kickstarter. It gives smaller companies the space to expand their range or start their business with guaranteed funds and a new player base from the off. I joined Alex Huntley’s 2nd and 3rd kickstarters for Arcworlde [Der H: “and haven’t painted much of that either!”  ] and always find that, with wargaming at least, the enthusiasm of the creators gets stuff finished and shipped out pretty promptly!


This Kickstarter is BIG, huge box...glad I took the landy to pick it up. 


Such goodies! 

The contents are far too numerous to list here, however I will post some pictures of the haul:


The ships are, as with the first Kickstarter, beautiful. The Paragua and Bark are relatively small, and the canoa are essentially glorified longboats with some extra rules.

The fun starts with the Fleut and the Galleon. The Galleon is a BEAST of a model, 4 decks and an impressive chunk of resin. It sounds hollow so I’m tempted to look into putting a Bluetooth speaker in to play dramatic navel music [Der H:   “Think master and commander...”  Brother Handro:   “yeeees! Do it!” ]

The faction boxes are a nice touch; the previous KS had loose figures!

The less clear miniatures are assorted characters, with beautifully crafted cards, and civilians. Always nice to see the disguised female pirates and monkey with blunderbus make an appearance! 



Like a kid in a toy shop....actually, exactly like that... 



The Deluxe/special edition/combined rule book is beautiful! Crafted with a raw cut edge... 


IMG_3077.JPG is styled to represent the style of many books of the era; Great work Firelock! 


I feel it will be a few weeks at least before I get my teeth stuck in. Exams, real life and the release of Titanicus have occupied much of my time. All being well the new year will see much more hobby time, but until then we shall plod along!

Der H 

Thought for the day:    “To wives and sweethearts; may they never meet”

Life, the Universe and Everything - Why life is a PITA

There we go...I said it...Life is a massive bitch! The last few months have been a PITA and hobby, the least vital of the things I spend my time doing, has taken a back burner.

Does it matter?


For me, the hobby is partially about an escape. I do a job which requires lots of thinking and unfortunately, like the chap above, no matter how good you are you win and lose.

The last 12 months have been the most demanding professionally, and being able to sit in my basement and, essentially, play with toy soldiers has helped a lot!

Work, personal life and (more recently) cars take a huge amount of time, and like many a hobbyist I needed to take a break.

The final problem is deadlines; life is all about deadlines. Whether it is the real deadlines of life, bills, work and chores or the ficticious ones I make for myself [Der H: "Landrover, I'm looking at you...."] they all add to that stress...

The solution?


Fuck it!

Take your 26 page statement and shove it up your arse....what's that? You want me to reply on my day off? NOPE.

New rule - Der H gets to play with toys once a week! [Brother Handro: "you sure thats enough time to make a dent in that collection...."]

Stuff I have to be working on is certainly not the issue; my current work bench is as follows!

2x plastic connies, assorted IIIrd Legion characters, Custodes, IIIrd legion librarian, aegis defence line parts, tech marine....

2x plastic connies, assorted IIIrd Legion characters, Custodes, IIIrd legion librarian, aegis defence line parts, tech marine....

2x 10 man Tactical squads

2x 10 man Tactical squads

Sgts and vexillae!

Sgts and vexillae!

This isn't even starting on the Blood and Plunder, the Bolt Action (Winter airborne?), tyranids, genestealer cultists, BFG Eldar, BFG Alpha legion, Crimson fists, Arcworlde (either kickstarter) and harlequins....and deathwatch.....and Necromunda....and Spacehulk......

At least the basement is tidy right....

2018-03-01 20.30.51 (2).jpg

Right....lets get to it!

Der H