Throne of Skulls - Shame


It wouldn’t be a trip to Warhammer World without a quick (Brother Handro: Read as “expensive”) trip through the store…

Der H caved in pretty quickly and invested in 3 imperial thudd guns and 3 sets of Krieg thudd gun crew. (Der H: God I haven’t even talked about my Krieg issue yet…)…


…and a box of easy to build Glaive Wraith Stalkers. These are planned to act as Cyber-occularis.


Sunday brought more pain with an impulse buy of a Storm Eagle, IIIrd legion rhino doors, and a box of citadel skulls. The skulls are to scatter through the Ordo Reductor (Der H: Argh, I haven’t mentioned them either!) to blend them in with the Cyber-Occularis, as an alternative to Draykavac…talk about a rod for my own back!


Of course, no self respecting Emperors Children player could pass up the opportunity to have a glorious Imperial Eagle on the prow of their Storm Eagle, and so a Shrine of the Aquila was acquired…

2019-05-31 16.04.55-2.jpg

Brother Handro was more reserved (Der H: HA!) and bought Thallax with Photon Thruster, Thallax with Phased Plasma-fusil, the deadly Vorax and a Thanatar Calix***

(***The better looking but worse one)


As you can see...Brother Handro has been much, much (Brother Handro:   ...much ) more productive and actually built his! Cybernetica assemble!

Der H & Brother Handro 

Blood and Plunder: No Peace Beyond the Line

It. Is. Here! 

Firelock Games’ 28mm historical pirate game is something really special. I went all in for their first Kickstarter, so when the second arose I had to go big or go home!

[Brother Handro: “ that why there’re still hundreds of lead coloured pirates in the basement?”

I’m a big fan of Kickstarter. It gives smaller companies the space to expand their range or start their business with guaranteed funds and a new player base from the off. I joined Alex Huntley’s 2nd and 3rd kickstarters for Arcworlde [Der H: “and haven’t painted much of that either!”  ] and always find that, with wargaming at least, the enthusiasm of the creators gets stuff finished and shipped out pretty promptly!


This Kickstarter is BIG, huge box...glad I took the landy to pick it up. 


Such goodies! 

The contents are far too numerous to list here, however I will post some pictures of the haul:


The ships are, as with the first Kickstarter, beautiful. The Paragua and Bark are relatively small, and the canoa are essentially glorified longboats with some extra rules.

The fun starts with the Fleut and the Galleon. The Galleon is a BEAST of a model, 4 decks and an impressive chunk of resin. It sounds hollow so I’m tempted to look into putting a Bluetooth speaker in to play dramatic navel music [Der H:   “Think master and commander...”  Brother Handro:   “yeeees! Do it!” ]

The faction boxes are a nice touch; the previous KS had loose figures!

The less clear miniatures are assorted characters, with beautifully crafted cards, and civilians. Always nice to see the disguised female pirates and monkey with blunderbus make an appearance! 



Like a kid in a toy shop....actually, exactly like that... 



The Deluxe/special edition/combined rule book is beautiful! Crafted with a raw cut edge... 


IMG_3077.JPG is styled to represent the style of many books of the era; Great work Firelock! 


I feel it will be a few weeks at least before I get my teeth stuck in. Exams, real life and the release of Titanicus have occupied much of my time. All being well the new year will see much more hobby time, but until then we shall plod along!

Der H 

Thought for the day:    “To wives and sweethearts; may they never meet”

Unboxing - German Heer leFH 18/40 10.5cm howitzer (1943-45)

Behold, more frivolous purchases!

I finally caved in an bought my self a treat....amongst the many other treats!

I've recently met someone who has never watched Band of Brother - who doesnt love Band of Brothers right! As such, it must all be watched again. It doesnt take long to get to the infamous Assault of Brecourt manor with Winters' attack on a fixed gun battery.

In this sequence Easy Company take on a German artillery battery which, although initially thought to be 88mm guns, turns out to be a battery of LeFG 18/40 10.5cm Howitzers.....funnily enough, I know a company who makes those!


Helpfully, Warlord gave many people a voucher recently - under the guise of a survey to see why I havent bought anything recently....needless to say I spent MUCH more than they gave me in discount so they win again!


Its a nice looking kit....I'll take 4! (and two MG42s!)

2018-04-03 17.45.29.jpg

The kit is, currently, unassembled still. This is because larger things are in the works. It does look very tidy. Nice casting as usual from warlord, and the addition of the three equipment, ammo and gear boxes is nice. Once the plans are revealed I will start some assembly and let you know how it goes together!


Did someone say shame?


January 2018 - Pledge - Der H's Failure


Yes, yes I know....Shame.....

It has been a great month! Seriously, a fun, busy, rewarding and exhausting month.

Progress was made:

But overall, no completed Lucius...I did make several other bits of progress though, with my resin haul washed and even some of it built (spoilers!)

2018-01-22 20.12.11.jpg
2018-01-22 20.12.16.jpg

Brother Handro, I believe, faired better, but that is another story! Hobby day ahoy next week and so, watch this space!

Der H


Ah, the habitual shame post... 

(Brother Handro:   “Don’t get me started!” ) 

Just before Christmas...well, I had a moment! 

Adding to my list we have; 



SEVEN Jetbikes...


..and a dread claw! 


Thankfully I have made some progress already - usually building is the easy bit but Emperors Protects this was like pulling teeth! 



Hey, they might actually get some paint on soon... 



Der H 

Bolt Action, AKA Shame, Part III

In which Handro finally receives the final part of his order/descends into hobby madness...


At last, the final (who am I kidding?...) part of my recent Bolt Action splurge arrived, very tardily. - The new British Tank War starter set (Tank War supplement, mini V2 rule book, templates, damage/pin markers, dice, stat cards etc), 3 Churchills and a Sherman troop (2 Vs, 1 VC Firefly). Additionally some paint, dismounted panzer crew (just for fun, but actually useful in Tank War) and the new Opel Blitz/Maultier kit - expect a review and comparison to Rubicon's offering soon!

Lastly some 11th Armoured Division decals. I went with this outfit as they were pretty busy post-Normandy, allowing for themed games around Market Garden (Neunen, Band of Brothers style), Battle of the Bulge and into Germany. You can also run with Shermans/Fireflies, Cromwells and very late-war Comets, allowing for flexibility of models. 

I've had a fair few head-scratching moments regarding British tank markings, squadron colours, senior/junior regiments, etc but think I've got a handle on it now. May be the subject of a future article, stay tuned!




Thought for the the day; 'Heresy grows from idleness'.



Bolt Action, AKA Shame, Part II

*CLANG* More shame incoming! The second of my three Warlord Games Bolt Action orders turned up today...

The start of a late-war/Konflikt '47 Armoured platoon.

The start of a late-war/Konflikt '47 Armoured platoon.

Huzzah! More things bought! Wait, what do you mean that wasn't the point of the blog?


Welp, I did it anyway. I've always harboured thoughts of doing the British (more accurately Commonwealth) forces in Bolt Action, and doing it for Konflikt '47, and Tank War killed three birds with one stone. 

Today we received;

Armies of Great Britain book, (plus exclusive Captain Upham model), British Army Command, Universal Carrier Section, Allied Grizzly Walker and 3 paints pertaining to the British scheme.

Also the Konflikt walkers are ace, I want all of them!...


The main bulk of the tank force has yet to arrive so watch this space!

A Universal Carrier, minus all the gubbinz just waiting to be piled on.

A Universal Carrier, minus all the gubbinz just waiting to be piled on.

Carriers are quite diddy! (Panthers are also really big. Like bigger-than-Tiger-big).

Carriers are quite diddy! (Panthers are also really big. Like bigger-than-Tiger-big).

I'm not quite sure how to square away the fact that all infantry in Armoured platoons must be mounted with the five man capacity of carriers...Looks like five man min-maxing squads are the way forward!...Or trucks. Loadsa trucks...




Though for the day; 


Warlord Summer Sale - AKA SHAME

Welp, we have crashed and burned haven't we!

Warlord Games went and had a summer sale...and we took the bait and bought stuff. My earlier purchases can be seen here whilst Brother Handro's purchases can be seen here.


My order came in two parts - the first was the Soviet heavy infantry, the Soviet T-34/ZP and the Pz IV Ausf. F/G/H. The second contained the more modest portion of the order - a squad of Soviet Terror troops, a Pz IV-X turret and two blisters of the US army winter MMG teams (prone).

2017-09-02 09.43.22.jpg
2017-09-02 10.06.46.jpg
2017-09-02 10.07.02.jpg

There are several projects planned here - the MMGs to go with my US Winter Airborne, the Soviet Terror Squad and Heavy infantry to go with my BA Soviets, and the T-34/ZP to have as both a T-34/ZP and a T-34-88 from Wargaming's World of Tanks. (Der H: "Handro! make the Kraft Panther!!).

2017-08-29 22.06.47.jpg

The Pz IV is, in part, for that project! The bustle and the barrel are all I need - you can keep the rest Handro! (Handro; Score! *YOINK*)

Keep your eyes peeled for more posts over the next few days!

Der H

Though for the day: "In an hour of Darkness a blind man is the best guide. In an age of Insanity look to the madman to show the way."