Project Progress - Konflikt 47 Soviet Heavy infantry

Sorry folks...It's been a busy week!

Work/sickness/real life all get in the way some times but, after all, for a grown man playing with little metal men should come after such things! (Brother Handro: "never!")

Today I give you what little progress has been made - assembly of my Soviet Heavy Infantry for Konflikt 47.



I tried to ensure that there were no identical poses/combinations. The sculpt is clearly uniform, with two hammer wielding, and the rest split between two dual weapon systems and one dual weapon system.


These guys have since been primed and will be painted green. I may use a muted white stripe to demarcate the NCO, historically identifying your NCO too clearly wouldn't be wise, but historically your NCO wouldn't be in a rift powered armour suit fighting undead Nazi's, werewolves and weird bat things....

I plan on basing in a winter/rubble/blasted terrain theme - to match with my current winter Bolt action terrain and the, soon to be started, winter Stalingrad/urban/ruins board.

Stay tuned for some more articles over the next few weeks!

Der H

Project Progress - Konflikt 47 Terror Squad

Some progress today - I actually built something!

Recently we showed off the Bolt Action Soviet Terror Squad for Konflikt '47 - The blog post can be seen here.

Since then, I have been a slightly busy bee and have built the kit (Brother Handro: "you remember that they're basically finished already right?....")

2017-09-23 19.19.10.jpg

As with a lot of my kits, I have added some conversion work to vary the sculpts.

2017-09-23 19.19.29.jpg
2017-09-23 19.19.44.jpg

Nice and simple, with a slung PPsH and right hand holding a grenade.

2017-09-23 19.20.15.jpg
2017-09-23 19.20.10.jpg

Simple Molotov conversion!

2017-09-23 19.20.21.jpg
2017-09-23 19.20.25.jpg

Why stab when you can bludgeon with a chain...

2017-09-23 19.19.59.jpg

Simple weapon swap....why not!

2017-09-23 19.20.30.jpg

I did have to keep one standard!

What do you guys think - Im quite pleased...now if only I painted things...

Der H

Review: Konflikt '47 Soviet Heavy Infantry

Today I'll take a quick look at the Soviet Heavy infantry. I almost bought the taster set of these guys, but once I saw the full set on sale I had to get a box!

2017-09-02 10.06.46.jpg

The ten man box is enough for 2x 5 man squads or 1x 10 man squad. At 140pts for 5 these guys arent cheap to field, but with 5 special rules and the dual weapon pack with AT rifle or SMG modes make them very useful!

2017-09-15 10.42.48.jpg

A nice set with 5 pairs of poses and a multitude of arms to attached means there is some flexibility with poses. There are 4 models (2 pairs) with static left arms - suitable to add custom assault weapons I guess - and the rest are paired dual weapon packs.

2017-09-15 10.43.35.jpg
2017-09-15 10.44.11.jpg

The detail on the weapon packs and the bodies themselves is very clean, and the rivets are going to make drybrushing and detailing much easier. I love the rust effect used on Warlords' own paint scheme -> watch this space!

Der H

Thought for the Day: "Ни шагу назад!"

Unboxing: Konflikt '47 Pz IV-X

No post today, but we do have a new video showing our unboxing of the Pz IV-X from Warlord Games!

...and since we filmed it, Brother Handro even built it!

He even humoured me and posed a Pz V/IV...


Hope you enjoy the video!

Der H

Thought for the day: "Place your trust in the Emperor's steel"

Review: Konflikt '47 Soviet Terrror Squad

Another review for you guys, and yet more from my recent purchases from Warlord Games!

This time we have the Soviet Terror Squad.

2017-09-02 10.06.46.jpg

This set gives 5 metal models - the appropriate size for a unit, funnily enough!

2017-09-15 10.44.47.jpg

Nice sculpts already! some good poses and nicely dynamic, even if three of them are shouting at the sky....probably raining again...

2017-09-15 10.44.59.jpg

They come with a nice set of knives and assault rifles/SMGs. The knives do actually look sharp - something even GW struggles with (Brother Handro: "Good old butter knives").

2017-09-15 10.45.02.jpg

A nice kit, and a steal when on sale - I'll get these guys built this week and added to the shelves of grey!

The story for these guys is that they have a form of anti-freeze in their veins and are immune to both cold and fire. They're also fanatics and fast on table top, so for 65 pts you're getting A LOT of fun!

Der H

Thought for the day: "The keenest blade is righteous hatred."

Bolt Action, AKA Shame, Part II

*CLANG* More shame incoming! The second of my three Warlord Games Bolt Action orders turned up today...

The start of a late-war/Konflikt '47 Armoured platoon.

The start of a late-war/Konflikt '47 Armoured platoon.

Huzzah! More things bought! Wait, what do you mean that wasn't the point of the blog?


Welp, I did it anyway. I've always harboured thoughts of doing the British (more accurately Commonwealth) forces in Bolt Action, and doing it for Konflikt '47, and Tank War killed three birds with one stone. 

Today we received;

Armies of Great Britain book, (plus exclusive Captain Upham model), British Army Command, Universal Carrier Section, Allied Grizzly Walker and 3 paints pertaining to the British scheme.

Also the Konflikt walkers are ace, I want all of them!...


The main bulk of the tank force has yet to arrive so watch this space!

A Universal Carrier, minus all the gubbinz just waiting to be piled on.

A Universal Carrier, minus all the gubbinz just waiting to be piled on.

Carriers are quite diddy! (Panthers are also really big. Like bigger-than-Tiger-big).

Carriers are quite diddy! (Panthers are also really big. Like bigger-than-Tiger-big).

I'm not quite sure how to square away the fact that all infantry in Armoured platoons must be mounted with the five man capacity of carriers...Looks like five man min-maxing squads are the way forward!...Or trucks. Loadsa trucks...




Though for the day; 


Cheering myself up - AKA SHAME

Well...I would say it was going well, but that children is what we call a lie!  



Package 1 of 2 from Warlord Games, adding to (or starting!) my Konflikt Soviets. I love Tank War, and love T-34s so why not add to my unpainted army; 

- 10 Soviet heavy infantry

- T-34/ZP

- PzIV


Part of this purchase is to convert up a T-34-88 as seen above, more details to follow!

I managed to cock up my initial order but the guys at Warlord are AMAZING, and Lorenzo sorted out my order in minutes on the phone. 

Great customer service, 5*, can't fault them, not sponsored....they're just that awesome!! 

Anywho, where were we? Oh yes... 


Der H