Cheering myself up - AKA SHAME

Well...I would say it was going well, but that children is what we call a lie!  



Package 1 of 2 from Warlord Games, adding to (or starting!) my Konflikt Soviets. I love Tank War, and love T-34s so why not add to my unpainted army; 

- 10 Soviet heavy infantry

- T-34/ZP

- PzIV


Part of this purchase is to convert up a T-34-88 as seen above, more details to follow!

I managed to cock up my initial order but the guys at Warlord are AMAZING, and Lorenzo sorted out my order in minutes on the phone. 

Great customer service, 5*, can't fault them, not sponsored....they're just that awesome!! 

Anywho, where were we? Oh yes... 


Der H