Handro - Pledge Complete - XV25 Stealthsuit Team

It is done. Step one on what will hopefully be a long and fairly productive road to hobby progressville. Pledge 1 was the mountainous molehill that we had to get over else we lose ourselves 'midst a sea of sprues and broken army lists. I painted some models, like.


Despite repeated urging from Der H to attempt a crazy 'stealth field engaging' look, I just went for the normal Vior'la scheme. It looks good, is fairly simple to pull off and crucially gives that clean, hi-tech look that is the Tau's signature. Also painting a new scheme on a model that's bigger than their standard infantryman is a nice way to ease yourself into a new army.

Fusion Blasters - For cooking things at medium range!

Fusion Blasters - For cooking things at medium range!


I'm branching out from modelling sand/train ballast with GW's Armageddon Dunes and Dust for my basing. (These guys have Dust). It's a nightmare to apply to bases with models already attached but I'm lazy like that. (Finished models, not award-winning ones!) It comes out well with a coupe of drybrushings.


So...one pledge down, several more to go (hopefully!). Something vehicular next methinks...



Thought for the day; 'Listen not to the alien, look not upon the alien, speak not unto the alien!'