Project Progress - Konflikt 47 Terror Squad

Some progress today - I actually built something!

Recently we showed off the Bolt Action Soviet Terror Squad for Konflikt '47 - The blog post can be seen here.

Since then, I have been a slightly busy bee and have built the kit (Brother Handro: "you remember that they're basically finished already right?....")

2017-09-23 19.19.10.jpg

As with a lot of my kits, I have added some conversion work to vary the sculpts.

2017-09-23 19.19.29.jpg
2017-09-23 19.19.44.jpg

Nice and simple, with a slung PPsH and right hand holding a grenade.

2017-09-23 19.20.15.jpg
2017-09-23 19.20.10.jpg

Simple Molotov conversion!

2017-09-23 19.20.21.jpg
2017-09-23 19.20.25.jpg

Why stab when you can bludgeon with a chain...

2017-09-23 19.19.59.jpg

Simple weapon swap....why not!

2017-09-23 19.20.30.jpg

I did have to keep one standard!

What do you guys think - Im quite if only I painted things...

Der H