Handro - Pledge complete - TX4 Piranha

The crusade against the legions of grey continues! Our second pledges are complete, so here's some pics of the Piranha...


I've pretty much just copied the box art Vior'la scheme, almost exactly. If it ain't broke...


I attempted some OSL effects on the faceplates, which seems to work, from a distance...you can also see the horrible graining on the torso from a shonky priming...I used the model as a test run for my newly-bought Micro Sol & Set kit.  Although there aren't any really difficult angles on this model to get a decal to conform to, the softening effect really makes the decal 'blend' into the model, as you can hopefully see above. The Sept markings on the helmets probably benefited the most from the Micro Sol, quite the curvy shape!

You can also see the 'numerical' on the hull to the left of picture is the only one that has silvering/looks like a decal. This is because it was the tester, no gloss underneath to see if Micro Set would do the job on its own. No is the answer. Always have a gloss base!




Thought for the day; 'Against the Alien and the Traitor there is no fair way to fight'