LORGAR Bearer of the Word - A Review

Shonky pic ahoy!

Shonky pic ahoy!

Continuing my very irregular book review series with the latest in The Primarchs series...

Coming in at 248 pages for a £12.99 hardback we are certainly in the realms of novella rather than full novel, albeit printed on a larger page. However this is not the book's fault; this seems to be style of the series, essentially giving the reader a flavour of the Primarchs' backstory/upbringing.

Which leads us to the first, crucial point; this book places way more emphasis on Lorgar's upbringing than on a general 'discovery by the Imperium/introduction to/shaping of the legion in question. Specifically, huge parts of this book are given over to Lorgar's first few weeks of life on Colchis. I would take the argument that this most pivotal of primarchs is deserving of such detail, in order that we may get a sense of his studious, fey nature but to me it just felt more like it belonged to a longer novel, rather than devoting a large portion of the novel to his first few weeks and the end pretty much being 'and then after a few years he conquered all of Colchis' (spoiler?). The balance is lacking in this one, I fear.

The contrast between this approach and say, Fulgrim, which places the reader at the IIIrd legion's first solo compliance action, many years post-discovery and legion shaping, with a few recollections of Chemos interspersed, was jarring. 

I would have much preferred Lorgar to have followed the same path and given us a sense of the legion adapting to its new father figure, taking on his teachings, moulding their faith, interspersed with flashbacks to Lorgar's early days on Colchis, much like the regular Horus Heresy series do. Conversely, I would have enjoyed a novel concentrating on Fulgrim's time on Chemos, a backstory I have always found interesting. However, I'm not here to wishlist the novel I wanted, but the one that we got..

The other major bone of contention I have with this story pertains to the pivotal Kor Phaeron-Lorgar relationship. Obviously this requires some suspension of disbelief that a demi-god-like being can be manipulated by a regular human, which is fine insofar as most of the plot of the Heresy requires this, but it still felt a little...plot-device-y. If I can venture some conjecture here,  I suspect the reason so much of this book centres around Lorgar's first few weeks of (conscious) life if that this was the only time it made relative sense for him to be so impressionable and accepting of so dubious a father figure; Kor Phaeron is completely bound up in his spiralling plots - Lorgar is only ever a tool to be manipulated. (There is a throwaway line right at the end of the novel implying Lorgar allowed Kor Phaeron to believe Lorgar unconditionally accepted his teaching as a way of masking his own plans, this is so convenient it just smacks of bad writing, and if Lorgar didn't truly believe all along, how on earth would he magically end up a true believer later?)

The parts I most enjoyed were those centred on Kor Phaeron's clandestine mission to keep the  'old faith' alive wherever he found it; this allows the idea that the seeds for Lorgar's return to the first faith he knew were planted way, way before his shaming on Monarchia and his pilgrimage to the Eye, rendering this aspect of the legion's volte face of worship far more believable. It was there all along!...

There are some minor grammar/continuity issues of no real concern, with the hilarious exception of the epilogue, which is set right at the onset of the Legion rejecting worship of the Emperor, (i.e. post-Monarchia) but according to the subscript apparently takes place in M40...c'mon guys, pretty basic timeline, you're only about ten thousand years out...

Overall, Lorgar is a decent read, I just feel its subject is a little misguided, (how apt!) and it could have done with more focus on the Machiavellian schemes of the legion in the run up (and way before) the Heresy and less on baby Lorgar's first steps. I can't let my personal feelings interfere too much; Lorgar is a decent book with a decent story; certainly you'll feel the urge to take up the sword and mantle of the cultist (incidentally I am building a cultist militia all of a sudden...), I just can't help but wish for the novel this could have been.


Thought for the day; 'Blessed is the mind too small for doubt'.



Battlefleet Gothic - How we started!

(Der H: "You know what?.....I love Battlefleet Gothic!")

(Brother Handro: "That's tell me most days....")

(Der H: "No, but like....really LOVE it!")

This month, we will be running a series of articles on Battlefleet Gothic!

It is true...whilst I claim to have been tempted back to war gaming by the lure of Space hulk (Brother Handro: "Did you actually ever FINISH any of that box you bought.....?") I rapidly bought into the idea of playing BFG.

A quick Ebay search gave me my starter box, an of course Brother Handro's magic cupboard of doom yielded more and more goodies. Back in 2012, GDubs still sold some BFG, albeit limited, and I caved in and bought some of my favourite ships (Wait for my Voss Pattern blog post in a few weeks!). We cobbled together a narrative to link in with our narrative campaign, The Siege of Grandia (we'll get to that one day honest!), and we got to work building our fleets!

Our first battle was slow, to put it bluntly. Never having played before It did take some time to get our heads around it. We're both fans of the Age of Sail, and the idea that a broadside to broadside was less accurate than shooting at a closing ship (i.e. narrower target) was a little jarring at first. (Brother Handro: "And forgetting to brace....don't forget that!").

Our first game placed my Strike Cruiser, Dictator class cruiser, Enforcer and 6 Falchions against Brother Handro's Imperial fleet. We played a good old convoy assault style mission.


I deployed in a line, because why not! Brother Handro is sporting a number of converted ship designs (Der H: "They might just feature in an upcoming blog post!") and, currently, trying to make transports go faster than the Imperial fleet ships!


Here you can see a number of paint schemes, with two converted heavy transports on the right, three Armed freighters/escort carriers/Q-Ships (Grey) and four standard freighters.


Handro's escorts sweep in to intercept. We really enjoy the movement system, and the role of ordnance (Der H: "especially with no Tau players....<Stares at Handro>") with its area denial role is really something.


The satisfaction when you can really hit some escorts hard...


...and the pain when one of your ships gets hit again, and again, and again....but more on the fateful Milunia later....

I've kept Brother Handro's ships out of this post for now....that will come later!

Keep your eyes peeled for more coverage of our experience of BFG over the coming weeks including articles on:

- My Emperors Children fleet

- Brother Handro's Imperial fleet

- My scratch builds

- My Eldar fleet

- My, as yet, unfinished ships (CLANG!)

- Coverage of some of the old Warp Rift and BFG magazine articles

- BFG Terrain

- Some how-to's for conversions


Der H


Review: Konflikt '47 Soviet Heavy Infantry

Today I'll take a quick look at the Soviet Heavy infantry. I almost bought the taster set of these guys, but once I saw the full set on sale I had to get a box!

2017-09-02 10.06.46.jpg

The ten man box is enough for 2x 5 man squads or 1x 10 man squad. At 140pts for 5 these guys arent cheap to field, but with 5 special rules and the dual weapon pack with AT rifle or SMG modes make them very useful!

2017-09-15 10.42.48.jpg

A nice set with 5 pairs of poses and a multitude of arms to attached means there is some flexibility with poses. There are 4 models (2 pairs) with static left arms - suitable to add custom assault weapons I guess - and the rest are paired dual weapon packs.

2017-09-15 10.43.35.jpg
2017-09-15 10.44.11.jpg

The detail on the weapon packs and the bodies themselves is very clean, and the rivets are going to make drybrushing and detailing much easier. I love the rust effect used on Warlords' own paint scheme -> watch this space!

Der H

Thought for the Day: "Ни шагу назад!"

Review: Konflikt '47 Soviet Terrror Squad

Another review for you guys, and yet more from my recent purchases from Warlord Games!

This time we have the Soviet Terror Squad.

2017-09-02 10.06.46.jpg

This set gives 5 metal models - the appropriate size for a unit, funnily enough!

2017-09-15 10.44.47.jpg

Nice sculpts already! some good poses and nicely dynamic, even if three of them are shouting at the sky....probably raining again...

2017-09-15 10.44.59.jpg

They come with a nice set of knives and assault rifles/SMGs. The knives do actually look sharp - something even GW struggles with (Brother Handro: "Good old butter knives").

2017-09-15 10.45.02.jpg

A nice kit, and a steal when on sale - I'll get these guys built this week and added to the shelves of grey!

The story for these guys is that they have a form of anti-freeze in their veins and are immune to both cold and fire. They're also fanatics and fast on table top, so for 65 pts you're getting A LOT of fun!

Der H

Thought for the day: "The keenest blade is righteous hatred."

Review: Konflikt '47 T-34-ZP

Ah the joys of digital camera focusing....

...we did have a lovely 10 minute video unboxing of the T-34-ZP....but unless you're used to very poor eyesight, it wasn't much use...Pictures instead! (I might upload it anyway...just for shiggles...

Many of you will also have caved in recently and bought goodies from Warlord Games to "top up" your armies - we certainly did. I for one used the opportunity to buy some Konflikt '47 Soviets. I was super excited about these at release and, to be honest, never got around to buying anything! Over the next week you'll see reviews of the various kits here and on Youtube, but today I will go through the T-34-ZP.

2017-09-02 10.04.51.jpg
2017-09-02 10.05.05.jpg

Comes pretty standard with the T-34-85 base plastic tank from Warlord Games. Transfer sheet included of course!

2017-09-02 10.05.23.jpg

ZP turret as two parts; main resin block and the metal hatch - a nice detail to have it separate but I glued mine down so it may as well have been once piece resin!

The detail on the turret is remarkable. Very crisp, the hosing especially, and clear sharp edges.

2017-09-02 10.05.37.jpg

My main issue is the size. I noted that there are two available - the ZP turret for the T-34 and the ZP turret for the KV. The attachment on top of these two kits are different so I appreciate that this would be needed, but the size is identical I presume. The ZP turret does seem a little oversized for the T-34 hull but, as seen below, works well for the KV.

2017-09-02 10.05.47.jpg

I set about trying to fix this as soon as I was able. I have two options, the first I have done already, the second I will try another time. The underside of the turret is a little complex to describe in words (I'll let the blurry version of me explain on the video!) but essentially the outer ring is slightly too big. With the cunning (and careful) use of a file i have been able to bevel the ring to fit the hole in the KV, like so...

2017-09-07 15.14.23.jpg
2017-09-07 15.14.06.jpg

Plan B will be, in due course, to make a filler panel for the KV turret ring opening and have this drop in place if i wish to use the ZP turret on the larger tank - watch this space!

Der H

Thought for the day: "The end justifies the means"

Unboxing - Warhammer World Exclusive Librarian in Cataphractii Armour

Another quick article to link in with a video due to appear on our channel this week: an unboxing, review, and my plans for the Warhammer World-exclusive Librarian in Cataphractii Terminator armour.

This is is a contentious model which initially received mixed reviews due to what was seen as legion specific detailing. The Cataphractii armour is the most popular, but the spiked pads, the skulls and the tattered cape all screamed Night Lords (probably influenced by the midnight blue paint scheme...)

Hope you like skulls...

Hope you like skulls...

As an Emperors Children player I didnt pick this guy up last year; partially as I had other purchases in mind (Brother Handro: "whatever happened to those Crimson Fists?"), partially due to the legion specific issues mentioned above, and partially because the IIIrd legion didn't make use of librarians....that one is a stumbling block really!

Not to worry, I have a plan! Fulgrim did support the Librarius project at the council of Nikea, and so early to mid-Heresy I imagine those flawed members of the IIIrd legion who consorted with the forces of Slaanesh might be rebranded as gifted. I have no back story yet, but it shall come...

Lets take a look at the kit!

Nice details with the skulls, the scrolls and the face. The small skulls around his head are really well cast!

You didn't want this in focus right?

You didn't want this in focus right?

The flame effect is also inconsistently received by most hobbyists - SFx on models is difficult, but this works (IMHO). The bloodletter though.....less so....

What ever could these parts be the video below to find out!

Overall a great kit guys - if you were holding out on picking this chappy up then.....well....don't. Hopefully this week you will see a blog post demonstrating that he might not be as legion specific as you might think!

Der H

Unboxing - Ixion Hale

Another unboxing for you guys - Ixion Hale!

Lovely black character series box! It really does add to the boutique feel of some FW kits!

Blister pack style inset?

Checked by cards - seems this one was boxed a little while back now!

The packaging is very tidy - good protection with blister foam

The picture gallery above shows the key parts in nice detail - we discuss this more in our YouTube un-boxing video (link below!) but the details are slightly softened. The detail is all there, nothing is lost, but as compared with several other FW character series kits (Eidolon & the Terminator librarian as examples in my own bunker) the kit seems slightly softer. It may be that this is due to the numbers cast, simply a one off bad cast (although the details are still stunning) or perhaps this is how it is meant to be. Several videos on line (Here and here) seem to show slightly better quality - pot luck some times!

Here the details can be compared - are my standards too high?

Brother Handro and I discuss the options for this character in the video - essentially it's a build your own as a Legio Custodes Shield Captain.

In Inferno this chap is a very flexible character with a range of equipment and weapons. I'm imaging a build including a paragon spear to represent the halberd will do nicely. There are some conversions replacing the helmet holding arm with a plastic Custodes shield (like that by Marcel Kinrade found here) - this would allow the WAAC tactic inclusion of a Praesidium shield for extra -1 to hit & re-roll failed invulnerable saves. 2+/4++(re-roll) and -1 to hit is strong, but not what I'd run all the time - Magnets? Watch this space.

Overall, I like this kit. The finish is a slight disappointment, but if you haven't got him already (Brother Handro: "and like this sort of thing!") then buy him now!

Der H

Thought for the day:"Do not question the Will of the Emperor!"

Looking forward to the open day!

Ah the Forge World Open Day! We go every year and usually come back with armfuls of resin goodness and a thousand photographs which sit unpublished on my computer!

Not any more! 

This year The Hobby Butterflies will be attending as usual, but we shall be publishing pictures of our discoveries, news of our purchases, and summaries of the conversations with the FW design team.

A butterflies worst Nightmare

The FWOD is a day where, placed in WHW with a credit card, I ponder the multitude of choices in front of me.

The list of things I could buy is big this year! (Handro: Speak for yourself!) I clearly need to get Ixion Hale!  I have 2x5 custodes on sprue and think Ixion is the man to join them into a cohesive fighting force - In my head that means it is a project which is all bought, and jsut needs building and painting....easy right!


The new Blood Ravens character we all know and love from the Dawn of War series finally takes physical form and is, of course, very tempting also! I haven't decided on my 40k marines/Primaris yet and the Blood Ravens would be a mighty fine option...alternatively, it is a gorgeous model that can be carved up as needed - see my upcoming look back at my conversion of the Primus Medicae!

I also like the look of the three new Sicaran variants - two of the three we have already seen! The Arcus is my favourite and is already up for pre-order; it certainly looks like the plasma variant will be available on the day too!

The above are all, of course, known about and already available - what new stuff will we see? Well it looks like we have news on that too!

Clearly Custodes is the theme!

The aquilon pattern terminators are gorgeous models! I am undecided between the two variants although the infernus firepikes certainly have the nostalgia factor. Considering the size/on table power these guys have £49 isn't too bad really.

The sisters upgrade set is also nice, I have 5 sisters, and another five would be a nice addition with this upgrade set - not too high on my list though.

We can see the two Sicaran variants top right - the omega looks a little off at first glance - Ill need to get my eyes/hands on it directly I suppose.

The dropship is VERY nice! I know that my good buddy Handro has some views on the new custodes line of vehicles but this is a nice touch - Although for that money a Lancer comes first!

Adding to the IIIrd

I keep threatening to add to my IIIrd legion boys - Fulgrim and some more Phoenix guard terminators would be very pretty! As would a Stormeagle to fly them around in!

I keep threatening to buy a Lancer day...


The XXth legion are everywhere! I have several parts (including Autilon Skorr) lined up for a potential XXth Legion project and keep meaning to pick up some XXth this weekend the weekend?

Things to look out for this Sunday! 

- Our live postings from the FWOD!

- Necromunda/specialist games news

- Titanicus (surely due some news now!)

- news for the next black book (Bangles and Dangles!!) 

- 30k 7th Ed rules book

- Valdor? 

- new models!

- A bag full of grey stuff to add to the list.

We will probably do a hobby day "live stream" on the monday, with pictures and an updating blog post during that day of our hobby progress!

Der H

PS: 20 subscribers! Amazing - we hope you're all enjoying the blog. Don't forget to comment or get in touch with comments/criticism/ideas!