Review: Konflikt '47 T-34-ZP

Ah the joys of digital camera focusing....

...we did have a lovely 10 minute video unboxing of the T-34-ZP....but unless you're used to very poor eyesight, it wasn't much use...Pictures instead! (I might upload it anyway...just for shiggles...

Many of you will also have caved in recently and bought goodies from Warlord Games to "top up" your armies - we certainly did. I for one used the opportunity to buy some Konflikt '47 Soviets. I was super excited about these at release and, to be honest, never got around to buying anything! Over the next week you'll see reviews of the various kits here and on Youtube, but today I will go through the T-34-ZP.

2017-09-02 10.04.51.jpg
2017-09-02 10.05.05.jpg

Comes pretty standard with the T-34-85 base plastic tank from Warlord Games. Transfer sheet included of course!

2017-09-02 10.05.23.jpg

ZP turret as two parts; main resin block and the metal hatch - a nice detail to have it separate but I glued mine down so it may as well have been once piece resin!

The detail on the turret is remarkable. Very crisp, the hosing especially, and clear sharp edges.

2017-09-02 10.05.37.jpg

My main issue is the size. I noted that there are two available - the ZP turret for the T-34 and the ZP turret for the KV. The attachment on top of these two kits are different so I appreciate that this would be needed, but the size is identical I presume. The ZP turret does seem a little oversized for the T-34 hull but, as seen below, works well for the KV.

2017-09-02 10.05.47.jpg

I set about trying to fix this as soon as I was able. I have two options, the first I have done already, the second I will try another time. The underside of the turret is a little complex to describe in words (I'll let the blurry version of me explain on the video!) but essentially the outer ring is slightly too big. With the cunning (and careful) use of a file i have been able to bevel the ring to fit the hole in the KV, like so...

2017-09-07 15.14.23.jpg
2017-09-07 15.14.06.jpg

Plan B will be, in due course, to make a filler panel for the KV turret ring opening and have this drop in place if i wish to use the ZP turret on the larger tank - watch this space!

Der H

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