Der H's `not-T-34-88`

Welp, its been a busy few weeks. Lots of work, lots of real life shit going on, and a lot of time out of the bunker. However, we do have progress!

First off I'm keen to show off my T-34-88 (Brother Handro: "....or T-34-not-88"). I showed off this tank idea here, and was keen to get cracking once my T-34/ZP arrived.

2017-09-02 10.04.51.jpg

To recap, the issues were nicely summed up by Tanks encyclopedia:

"The T-34/85 turret is hardly a likely candidate for holding such a long, heavy gun. It would probably cause the suspension serious problems – it is widely known that the attempts by the Soviet to fit a 100mm gun to the T-34/85 caused the suspension to buckle and break during firing. Secondly, there would have to be extensive and incredibly precise engineering in order to actually fit the huge gun in the T-34’s gun mount (and being able to give it any elevation or depression), something probably not available to any units outside of heavy factories of Germany. Thirdly, the gun itself was huge and complicated. In fact, the KwK 36 L/56 took up most of the internal space for the Tiger I turret. It is extremely unlikely that there would be internal space in a T-34/85 turret in which to accommodate such a large gun."

So....perhaps not....but the Pz IV-X kit did give me the opportunity to steal a Pz IV H barrel with a similar style muzzle break - Kindly donated by my good buddy Handro!


2017-09-07 14.57.10.jpg

The barrel was attached with some brass rod for assistance and gave the Pz IV H gun barrel and extra step up to the mount for the standard T-34-85 gun.

2017-09-07 14.57.13.jpg

Spare track attached to the side of the turret with DIY track holders.

DIY plasticard stowage at the rear of the turret to match that seen on's T-34-88 here:

2017-08-29 22.06.47.jpg

So guys what do you think? Nice conversion or fictional nonsense?! Time to get it primed and painted! (Brother Handro: "HA!")

Der H

Thought for the day: "Seek no reward but the satisfaction of your Master!"