Battlefleet Gothic

Battlefleet Gothic - How we started!

(Der H: "You know what?.....I love Battlefleet Gothic!")

(Brother Handro: "That's tell me most days....")

(Der H: "No, but like....really LOVE it!")

This month, we will be running a series of articles on Battlefleet Gothic!

It is true...whilst I claim to have been tempted back to war gaming by the lure of Space hulk (Brother Handro: "Did you actually ever FINISH any of that box you bought.....?") I rapidly bought into the idea of playing BFG.

A quick Ebay search gave me my starter box, an of course Brother Handro's magic cupboard of doom yielded more and more goodies. Back in 2012, GDubs still sold some BFG, albeit limited, and I caved in and bought some of my favourite ships (Wait for my Voss Pattern blog post in a few weeks!). We cobbled together a narrative to link in with our narrative campaign, The Siege of Grandia (we'll get to that one day honest!), and we got to work building our fleets!

Our first battle was slow, to put it bluntly. Never having played before It did take some time to get our heads around it. We're both fans of the Age of Sail, and the idea that a broadside to broadside was less accurate than shooting at a closing ship (i.e. narrower target) was a little jarring at first. (Brother Handro: "And forgetting to brace....don't forget that!").

Our first game placed my Strike Cruiser, Dictator class cruiser, Enforcer and 6 Falchions against Brother Handro's Imperial fleet. We played a good old convoy assault style mission.


I deployed in a line, because why not! Brother Handro is sporting a number of converted ship designs (Der H: "They might just feature in an upcoming blog post!") and, currently, trying to make transports go faster than the Imperial fleet ships!


Here you can see a number of paint schemes, with two converted heavy transports on the right, three Armed freighters/escort carriers/Q-Ships (Grey) and four standard freighters.


Handro's escorts sweep in to intercept. We really enjoy the movement system, and the role of ordnance (Der H: "especially with no Tau players....<Stares at Handro>") with its area denial role is really something.


The satisfaction when you can really hit some escorts hard...


...and the pain when one of your ships gets hit again, and again, and again....but more on the fateful Milunia later....

I've kept Brother Handro's ships out of this post for now....that will come later!

Keep your eyes peeled for more coverage of our experience of BFG over the coming weeks including articles on:

- My Emperors Children fleet

- Brother Handro's Imperial fleet

- My scratch builds

- My Eldar fleet

- My, as yet, unfinished ships (CLANG!)

- Coverage of some of the old Warp Rift and BFG magazine articles

- BFG Terrain

- Some how-to's for conversions


Der H