January 2018 - Pledge - Der H's Failure


Yes, yes I know....Shame.....

It has been a great month! Seriously, a fun, busy, rewarding and exhausting month.

Progress was made:

But overall, no completed Lucius...I did make several other bits of progress though, with my resin haul washed and even some of it built (spoilers!)

2018-01-22 20.12.11.jpg
2018-01-22 20.12.16.jpg

Brother Handro, I believe, faired better, but that is another story! Hobby day ahoy next week and so, watch this space!

Der H

Project: Lucius

Sooooo, yea January is busy!

Between buying myself a Landrover 110 and lots of work/real life stuff, the HobbyButterflies Time has been stretched thin!

....didn’t stop some progress though! 

Behold some progress thus far:



The cloak still needs some TLC and some detailing/trim. I’m planning on building up some ridges with sharper edges to add to the structure and movement of the cape.


Progress for the progress god!

Der H

Project: Der H's January Pledge - Lucius

Behold my progress!

New year, New Der H! I went a bit mad in December and may have bought some things. (Brother Handro: "That is another post...") But I continue to be serious about making, and painting, my IIIrd legion.

I really like Lucius; he is a dynamic character who is the embodiment of the IIIrd legion. He is arrogant, he is glorious, and he is a true swordsman. He is also a little bit like Captain Scarlet.... i.e. not actually invincible (Der H: "He dies, like, every week...").

The imagery is stunning too. I love his depictions in Angel Exterminatus.


I've tried to make him before, but he always lacked, something. This time I wanted to craft him as he would be in the Angel Exterminatus era (from here forth Post-AE). I resolved to use the torso and head from the GW prime model, and de-chaosify him using FW IIIrd Legion arts.

Details I wanted were his pack, his whip, two swords, and the characteristic straps from his leg armour.

2018-01-07 20.54.06.jpg

The GW Prime model is slightly taller, partly due to the cloven feet!

2018-01-07 21.09.49.jpg

After much swearing I managed to test fit the new legs. He stands tall and is quite elegant, almost true scale. He will need some GS work to fill the gaps and re-sculpt the loincloth.

2018-01-07 21.19.13.jpg

I went for two swords, and pads from the Phoenix Terminators. His left hand blade is that of the GW prime model, whilst that in his right hand is a palatine blade sword.

2018-01-07 21.53.47.jpg

With some trimming and some boiled water I was able to coil the whip into a clip to place on his hip - I had to have this beauty on the model.

Additions I hope to add will be twin daggers - I want him to seem ready to fight and never be unarmed - and possibly a bolt pistol in holster.

I will run him, most likely, as a praetor with Paragon blade & Lucid blade. The former to represent his prowess, the latter the represent the whip. I may swap these for power sword , charnabal sabre or even lightning claw (to represent the whip lashing his foes) depending on games - hardly WYSIWYG but it is all in the narrative.

Der H

Pledges - January 2018

So, the new year brings new hope and new dreams of a world without grey plastic, resin or pewter...

After the shame of December, we shall rise again as new Hobby Butterflies!

Der H

I, Der H, to atone for my failures and to regain the honour of my Legion do hereby pledge to build, prime and paint to completion my conversion of Lucius "Soulthief", "Fulgrim's Champion", "Blade of Aeons", "Scion of Chemos" or, as he who would become known, "the Eternal".

2018-01-07 20.54.06.jpg

Brother Handro

I, Brother Handro, having shamefully lapsed into hobby lethargy, do hereby pledge to construct (and kitbash) as much of the Orks Kult of Speed box (and whatever other Orks I have at hand!) as possible by month's end.



Quote for the day: "Brothers! Welcome to the feast! Tell me, which among you will be the first course?" - Lucius the Eternal