Project: Der H's January Pledge - Lucius

Behold my progress!

New year, New Der H! I went a bit mad in December and may have bought some things. (Brother Handro: "That is another post...") But I continue to be serious about making, and painting, my IIIrd legion.

I really like Lucius; he is a dynamic character who is the embodiment of the IIIrd legion. He is arrogant, he is glorious, and he is a true swordsman. He is also a little bit like Captain Scarlet.... i.e. not actually invincible (Der H: "He dies, like, every week...").

The imagery is stunning too. I love his depictions in Angel Exterminatus.


I've tried to make him before, but he always lacked, something. This time I wanted to craft him as he would be in the Angel Exterminatus era (from here forth Post-AE). I resolved to use the torso and head from the GW prime model, and de-chaosify him using FW IIIrd Legion arts.

Details I wanted were his pack, his whip, two swords, and the characteristic straps from his leg armour.

2018-01-07 20.54.06.jpg

The GW Prime model is slightly taller, partly due to the cloven feet!

2018-01-07 21.09.49.jpg

After much swearing I managed to test fit the new legs. He stands tall and is quite elegant, almost true scale. He will need some GS work to fill the gaps and re-sculpt the loincloth.

2018-01-07 21.19.13.jpg

I went for two swords, and pads from the Phoenix Terminators. His left hand blade is that of the GW prime model, whilst that in his right hand is a palatine blade sword.

2018-01-07 21.53.47.jpg

With some trimming and some boiled water I was able to coil the whip into a clip to place on his hip - I had to have this beauty on the model.

Additions I hope to add will be twin daggers - I want him to seem ready to fight and never be unarmed - and possibly a bolt pistol in holster.

I will run him, most likely, as a praetor with Paragon blade & Lucid blade. The former to represent his prowess, the latter the represent the whip. I may swap these for power sword , charnabal sabre or even lightning claw (to represent the whip lashing his foes) depending on games - hardly WYSIWYG but it is all in the narrative.

Der H