Warlord Summer Sale - AKA SHAME

Welp, we have crashed and burned haven't we!

Warlord Games went and had a summer sale...and we took the bait and bought stuff. My earlier purchases can be seen here whilst Brother Handro's purchases can be seen here.


My order came in two parts - the first was the Soviet heavy infantry, the Soviet T-34/ZP and the Pz IV Ausf. F/G/H. The second contained the more modest portion of the order - a squad of Soviet Terror troops, a Pz IV-X turret and two blisters of the US army winter MMG teams (prone).

2017-09-02 09.43.22.jpg
2017-09-02 10.06.46.jpg
2017-09-02 10.07.02.jpg

There are several projects planned here - the MMGs to go with my US Winter Airborne, the Soviet Terror Squad and Heavy infantry to go with my BA Soviets, and the T-34/ZP to have as both a T-34/ZP and a T-34-88 from Wargaming's World of Tanks. (Der H: "Handro! make the Kraft Panther!!).

2017-08-29 22.06.47.jpg

The Pz IV is, in part, for that project! The bustle and the barrel are all I need - you can keep the rest Handro! (Handro; Score! *YOINK*)

Keep your eyes peeled for more posts over the next few days!

Der H

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