Throne of Skulls - a Prelude

So, tomorrow is the day! Throne of Skulls! Our first doubles event and our first event at Warhammer World!

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We drove down in the mean machine that is Der H’s red and white Citroen 2CV6 (Brother Handro: I can confirm that my ears are bleeding…) and set up camp in a nearby well known hotel #notsponsored.

A quick trip to Warhammer World for supplies, beer, and a cheeky practice game and we have our armies ready for war!


Game 1 was Tide of Carnage with Dawn of War deployment. Emperors Children started strong hitting the rapier laser destroyers hard, and shaking the Whirlwind - snap shots FTW! 


The veteran tacticals of the Sons of Horus moved up slowly, taking out both Rhinos in close combat, but they were beaten back by Kakophoni. Bio-psychic shock gives D6 wounds at AP2 instant death, no cover saves allowed. On occasion this does nothing, but a poor side roll for Ld followed by a 5 or 6 just destroys it did for Brother Handro...





Eventually, the relentless heavy 2 Kakophani, the sicaran and the Whirlwind were just too potent. With some particularly harsh shots from the sicaran at Brother Handro’s Delegatus leading to the death of the Sons of Horus warlord.


Game 2 was Dominion using the Vanguard Strike deployment. Brother Handro seized the initiative and promptly destroyed a predator, hull pointed the other. Turn two he destroyed the sicaran, and a rhino before the scorpius scored 19 strength 8 AP 3 wounds on the squad, killing all 10 occupants! Things were not going well. Der H’s scorpius survived all 6 turns but without Vox cover the scatters were significant!

Brother Handro

I’ve gone for a chosen duty list. My plan is two Rhino mounted veteran tactical squads each with a Nuncio Vox to provide reliable firing solutions for the Whirlwind scorpius. Two rapier laser destroyers hit hard when needed, and the list is rounded out with a 5 man volkite culverin squad, 5 man tactical support squad with plasma guns. All led by a basic delgatus. 1247pts all in, and ready to go!

The practice games with Der H were mixed. If the laser destroyer and scorpius get hit, it all falls apart. Der H got lucky game one with his Kakophoni rolls (Der H: rolled the D6 instant death dice....) but it was going south before that! Placement is the key me thinks, and protecting the heavy stuff without sacrificing their LoS is going to be the trick.

Der H

I’ve gone with the ol’ faithful Kakophoni as my base, built around the IIIrd company elite RoW. This allows sonic shriekers for nearly everyone of note, Kakophoni as troops (with relentless to boot) allowing 17 heavy 2 Strength 5 biopsychic shock attacks per turn. Apothecaries are near-vital for this unit as without they have a HILARIOUS ability to wipe themselves off the table (Der H: you’d be surprised at how many 1’s can be rolled with 20 D6… Brother Handro: No…no I wouldn’t….). A Delegatus makes this possible, but he has to be cheap. Sicaran battle tank and Scorpius make a nice dual-threat armoured section. I toyed between using 6 Jetbikes with 2 multimeltas or rolling up with 2 predators, eventually settling on the latter!

Let’s hope they perform as well tomorrow!

More updates on our Instagram throughout the day, and on here at some point too!

Look out for our updates via MyMiniReport, and a full review of the app next week!


Der H & Brother Handro

Battle Ready - Is this the solution?

So after the reveal of Citadel ‘Contrast’ paints at Warhammer Fest, Warhammer Community have today released an article on the concept of Battle Ready

Seems like a simple enough concept - it is, i suppose, a new way of saying Three colour minimum. It could be taken further as the step between three colour minimum and “Tabletop standard”.

Only back in 2017, Games workshop published their guidance on acceptable standards for painting at WHW events.

As has been pointed out, what animal needed slaughtering to make a mafgic paint that goes black/silver on bolt weapons, yellow on trim, red on eyes despite being blue in the pot….

As has been pointed out, what animal needed slaughtering to make a mafgic paint that goes black/silver on bolt weapons, yellow on trim, red on eyes despite being blue in the pot….

The block with painting is one we all (Brother Handro: well…at least us two!) feel, and the prospect of a means to simplify the first few steps will certainly appeal to some. Already it appears the community is divided on this issue.

For me, Der H, I don’t think ill use it for the Emperors Children, and probably not for Bolt action. But as a means to cover certain aspects I can see immediate use. Flesh tones to easily make a start on skin. Green to do the start of Orks (40k, Gorkamorka and Arcworlde) and to do larger areas of certain colours on uniforms…thinking Blood and Plunder etc where the time gaming will remain comparatively little vs the time that will be required to get such large forces painted.

I see a suspiciously Emperors Children colour top right….

I see a suspiciously Emperors Children colour top right….

I guess it will simply be another tool in the arsenal, another technique to be compared to washing, dry brushing, shading. But time will tell how much use it will get!

Stay tuned to watch Brother Handro and I buy, use and then forget all about Citadel Contrast paints next week (Der H: To clarify, I have no idea when these are coming….meh)

Der H


Instagram progress!

So, real life is in the way again. Der H is approaching his last (Der H:   “hopefully...”  ) post grad exam, and Brother Handro is merrily churning through thousands and thousands of points of Sons of Horus before Decembers  Scouring of Melos event in Stockport. 

This will be our first ever event weekend - late to the party as ever - and will see Brother Handro’s SoH and Der H’s EC battle it out with 18 other North-West heresy fanboys. Having played some of these guys before we’re expecting tough competition. The whole thing is organised by the Road to Terra guys; they’re awesome guys so check out their podcast.


There has been some! 

Brother Handro has been merrily painting his SoH. 33 infantry this week, and 33 to go....(Brother Handro:   “....and the vehicles” )


Meanwhile, Der H has been assembling Phoenix Terminators....after the mammoth task of relocating his modelling desk out of the city of Rapture...aka the basement of damp.... 


Hopefully it all come together for December! 

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Brother Handro & Der H 

Forgebane - wallet...

[Brother Handro: "We don't really do we?"]

[Der H: "Quiet! I'm having fun!"]


So...this has happened! Both Brother Handro and I missed out of the glory that was Knight Renegade, and as such I have bought nearly every boxed game since!

[Brother Handro: "<Cough> Death Watch <Cough>"]

We are both Necro-curious....not like that...and of course the Ad Mech/Knights combo is hard to resist.


The contents look pretty good to be honest, and several blog sites have already bandied around estimated costs. For my part, even at the estimated upper end of £100, this is a bargain....and one I will be snaffling up pretty sharp-ish!

House Mortimer anyone....

Der H & Brother Handro

Quote of the day: Praise be! The Star Children deliver us