Forgebane - wallet...

[Brother Handro: "We don't really do we?"]

[Der H: "Quiet! I'm having fun!"]


So...this has happened! Both Brother Handro and I missed out of the glory that was Knight Renegade, and as such I have bought nearly every boxed game since!

[Brother Handro: "<Cough> Death Watch <Cough>"]

We are both Necro-curious....not like that...and of course the Ad Mech/Knights combo is hard to resist.


The contents look pretty good to be honest, and several blog sites have already bandied around estimated costs. For my part, even at the estimated upper end of £100, this is a bargain....and one I will be snaffling up pretty sharp-ish!

House Mortimer anyone....

Der H & Brother Handro

Quote of the day: Praise be! The Star Children deliver us