Xenos sighted!

Welp, hot on the heels of my plans for the Glorious return of House Mortimer, we have a test scheme!

God I hate mold lines...

God I hate mold lines...

2018-03-07 08.07.41.jpg

Zandri dust spray, agrax wash [Brother Handro: "aka Magic Brown"] then ushabti bone overbrushing -> clearly a win!

2018-03-07 19.43.19.jpg

First coat of jokero orange...

2018-03-07 19.43.23.jpg

Works....but not great yet. I almost feel that i need to do Zandri dust, jokero orange, yellow/light orange stark highlight and some stripes/patterns and then wash it all down with agrax before overbrushing the whole thing with ushabti...

2018-03-07 08.07.48.jpg

first steps work well...

2018-03-07 19.43.30.jpg

orange....less so!

I feel the genestealers themselves might need a simple Zandri/Ushabti with purple wash in the soft bits! hopefully with the details like claws, teeth, eyes, tongue and some purple wash It should work well!

Let us know what you think guys!

Der H