Legio Cybernetica - Brother Handro's dive into giant robots!

If there’s one thing playing games in a 30k environment has taught me, it’s that the bodies of the noble Astartes are but grist for the mill of the heresy, and no matter how superhuman they may be against humans or Xenos, the Iron Hands have the right of it…the flesh is weak!

Join me as I dive into the world of servos and plastek brain wafer-chips to bring you big stompy robots…

(Der H: So you bought a Mechanicus T-shirt and realised you should probably start all those robots you’ve been hoarding….)

The Calix-Thanatar, not as good as the standard, plasma mortar-lobbing one, but way prettier. Also I hate Salamanders.

The Calix-Thanatar, not as good as the standard, plasma mortar-lobbing one, but way prettier. Also I hate Salamanders.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Handro, Mechanicum are a bit…well, good, aren’t they? Yes, yes they are. You’ve grasped the practicalities of playing Mechanicum straight away! But obviously here at The Hobby Butterflies we like to think that fluff is equally if not more important and the lore behind the Mechanicum is some of the richest and most evocative of the 30/40k universe. Plus if you can think of something cooler than the line of Mechanicum models I’d like to know about it.

So we felt it was about time we had something 30K non-Astartes on the blog. We will both be churning out Mech and Imperial Militia forces over the coming months. (Der H: If we can find them in our piles of shame, that is!)

This is what the Castellax look like!

This is what the Castellax look like!

The initial plan is to complete a 1000 points Allies list for the upcoming return to Melos. So a Magos, 4 Castellax and the Thanatar need to be completed alongside a 3-strong unit of Vorax to accompany a Praevian consul. Plenty to be getting on with, but after that I fully expect to start requisitioning bigger, stompier robots from the forges of…y’know, I should actually get some fluff brewing…and from there, a long, slow descent into robotic madness…

Thought for the day: The flesh is weak, duh.


Unboxing - Legion Sicaran Punisher

The second of our un-boxing articles is the mighty Sicaran Punisher - this time added to the mighty Word Bearers for Brother Handro (Der H: "Add it to the wall of shame!").

We've done a YouTube video on this one - check it out over on our channel The Hobby Butterflies and check out our other videos as they arrive!

Ooooh, a nondescript box!

Ooooh, a nondescript box!

The new white boxes from Forge World are quite nice - makes things feel more cared for than the bags of loot!

The hull for the Sicaran hasn't changed (as expected!) and is still very crisp considering the age of the model. The attachments for the track/sides is still unfortunate in that this rear panel is often warped and needs some TLC after de-spruing!

The parts for the new turret are really nice - crisp detail (the mould is BRAND new so should hope so!) and a relatively straight barrel. The detailing on the ammo feed is particularly sharp.

Overall a very nice kit - check out Brother Handro's progress in a future blog post!

Der H

Thought for the day: "Heresy grows from idleness"