Project: Der H's September pledge - Blood and Plunder Sloop

Behold! It is finished!

2017-09-27 20.35.01.jpg

All it took really was some washes, some dry-brushing, and then some more washes!

2017-09-27 20.35.12.jpg
2017-09-27 20.35.25.jpg

I went for quite a muted theme, with a dark green and dark brown. The lantern has a slight yellow glow - hard to see here.

2017-09-27 20.35.17.jpg

The decking looked a little boring, but a nuln oil wash really brought out the detail, it gathered very nicely in the edges too, blending it all together. The anchor and the tiller both received a heavy dry-brush of bronze over the black base colour - it makes them distinct from the black painted wooden rails.

2017-09-27 20.35.05.jpg

The ship is rigged with the elastic cord provided by Firelock, and white foam paper was used for the sails. This holds a shape nicely and is hard wearing.

2017-09-27 20.35.28.jpg
2017-09-27 20.36.03.jpg

In a flurry of progress I managed to get my long boats done. Initially I was going to colour them to match the ships, but with No Peace Beyond the Line coming next year I wanted to make them generic enough to be used for any/all factions.

2017-09-27 20.35.43.jpg
2017-09-27 20.36.00.jpg

And with that my Pledge for September is complete! What do you think guys?

Der H