Der H - Pledge Complete - Lord Commander Eidolon

Welp, after a whole day of hobbying with my good buddy Brother Handro, I can now call my monthly pledge complete.

This month, and every month from here on, Brother Handro and I are pledging to complete something from our hobby wall of shame in order to justify this whole exercise.

For August Brother Handro pledged to paint an XV25 Stealthsuit team, with homing beacon and some form of drone - After today these look pretty near finished, so keep an eye out for those!

I pledged the rather meagre-sounding challenge of completing Lord Commander Eidolon of the Emperors Children, and so it has come to pass...

2017-08-28 17.20.39.jpg

As with some of my previous projects (that I might get around to talking about...) I have magnetised the arms, head and backpack to allow complete customisation of the model (Der H: "Just in case....").

2017-08-28 16.58.28.jpg

I have stayed pretty close to the Forge World scheme. The golds are a variant of my usual gold scheme, but I added Druchii Violet for the first time...I think it works.

The face was always going to be an issue as they are my weakest area of painting. This has altogether too many layers if I'm honest, but the final result is OK. Saying that, at least my camera recognises it as a face!

2017-08-28 17.03.42.jpg

Overall I am reasonably happy with this character. What I am VERY happy about is that despite a pretty shit month in terms of real life events (even before my Kitten was run over) I have still managed to find some time to sit down, relax, and spend some time engaging in my hobby - It can't all be that bad then really can it...

Stay tuned for updates from Brother Handro on his August pledge, plans for the September pledge, and more general madness over the next few weeks.

Der H

Thought for the day: "The price of perfection is prohibitive" (Watch the video here!)

Project - Lord Commander Eidolon

I am now enthused and engaged with this blog!

The ETL from 2016 was great fun and I proudly wear my signature banner as a reminder that (on occasion) I do get things finished.

SnRPxz1 - Imgur.png

It also made me go through and see how long I had owned certain models in my IIIrd Legion army and actually get them finished. Palatine Blades and Phoenix Guard terminators are the best examples of this phenomenon; I LOVE the models, I love the sculpts, I even love the rules! But they sat for so long unpainted and unloved.

Lord commander Eidolon shares this heritage! A beautiful model, I bought it as soon as he was released. But Since then....nothing...

Here is where my Lord Commander sits at present:

In my I actually cant finish that...He is magnetised, and even has purple on him but this is the month...this is the month that I finish the great Lord Commander of the IIIrd Legion once and for all!

The magnets fit into my larger IIIrd legion character series - see the pictures in the Gallery for more from that series and check back on the blog to see updates as this project comes on!

Der H