Project - Lord Commander Eidolon

I am now enthused and engaged with this blog!

The ETL from 2016 was great fun and I proudly wear my signature banner as a reminder that (on occasion) I do get things finished.

SnRPxz1 - Imgur.png

It also made me go through and see how long I had owned certain models in my IIIrd Legion army and actually get them finished. Palatine Blades and Phoenix Guard terminators are the best examples of this phenomenon; I LOVE the models, I love the sculpts, I even love the rules! But they sat for so long unpainted and unloved.

Lord commander Eidolon shares this heritage! A beautiful model, I bought it as soon as he was released. But Since then....nothing...

Here is where my Lord Commander sits at present:

In my I actually cant finish that...He is magnetised, and even has purple on him but this is the month...this is the month that I finish the great Lord Commander of the IIIrd Legion once and for all!

The magnets fit into my larger IIIrd legion character series - see the pictures in the Gallery for more from that series and check back on the blog to see updates as this project comes on!

Der H