Warhammer World Museum - Terrain ideas!

Warhammer world is all about toys. Whether it be looking at, or buying, or craving....it is about our little toy soldiers.

There is even a museum/exhibition about our toy soldiers...and in that museum there is terrain.

This post is all about that terrain and the bits that I think are really:

A) Good

B) Useful to have close up pictures of

C) Things I want to replicate!

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we'll begin...



This board is in the lobby by the entrance. A reasonably sized set-up, it is clearly made to show off the new Dark Imperium set, with multiples of this started box on display across the edge of a refinery. The pox walkers all have orange jump suits, and the muted flesh tones work really well. The gravel is excellent - In my view mostly due to the range of sizes of talus involved.



Showing off the new not-dwarf line we have mountain tops covered in clouds - not real use fo my needs but very good none-the-less. Always wondered about an aeronautica imperialis or similar game with a cloud base, and long wire stands for the planes. A layer of garden planter foam 3" thick with and inch of cotton on top. Could work well!

2017-08-13 11.27.28.jpg

Der H: "If only we played blood bowl"

Brother Handro: "Nooooo, stop it! stop it!"

2017-08-13 11.31.03.jpg

The prospero board has had a lot of attention in the last few events - rightly so! It is a lovely set up, good scale (not too big to miss details) and with some great damage effects on the plinths/columns. Very tempted to replicate it! 


2017-08-13 11.31.20.jpg

The star port board is amazing, partly due to the amount of hardware on the board, and partly because of the attention to detail. ZM tiles and some of the realm of battle tiles come together beautifully - I only wish my eventual Grandian starport will be half a good!

2017-08-13 11.38.11.jpg

Dark angels battling nurgle....yes please! Great board with liquid effects, gravel and shipping grates. Good missile effects too!

2017-08-13 11.41.18.jpg

Snow, trenches and Krieg! what isn't to like. The snow is interesting and i cant quite work out what it is. White sand? Bicarb? who knows! But it is beautiful!

2017-08-13 11.46.47.jpg
2017-08-13 11.58.02.jpg
2017-08-13 12.02.48.jpg
2017-08-13 13.14.19.jpg