Necromunda announcement!

I know, I know...we aren't a news site, but I am super excited about this!

I previously discussed Necromunda here in detail, and guesstimated a release date of November - looks like the rumour was right!



The team at warhammer community have released a post covering the new game in a little more detail.

The first detail is that it is released in November - enough time to get at least SOME of the other projects done! 

The core set has a few surprises and a few clarifications to previous uncertainties .


Templates seem to be present - this is interesting in and of itself. The game is, reportedly, based in 8th Edition. 8th Edition, famously, did away with templates but clearly that is changed in this game. Likely due to the game being character based rather than unit based I imagine. 

Terrain is good to see! Andy mentioned in our chat that there was no plastic terrain in the box but that it was 'ready to play', quite why I/we didn't think of ALL of the other boxed releases with their printed card stock tiles I do not know (Brother Handro:  "Your mind is going soft!" ). The tiles look pretty modular/interchangeable - shame it isn't multi-level but that can be a future project when I buy some MDF terrain/sector mechanicum terrain! 


I can't help. It notice the Zone Mortalis similarities in there tiles - boarding actions ho! 


Gangs are as expected, with a nice clarification from GW with them confirming that "  both these gangs will be full, multi-part kits, with an enormous level of customisation". 

They go on to details the inclusion of "Chen weapons" for Escher and industrial machinery for Goliaths - exciting times. 


The scope and detail look truly inspiring, they even mention each ganger having options including " grenades, gas masks, additional armour and even modular hairstyles".

Whatever the cost, I imagine this will sell like hot cakes and no doubt the Hobby Butterflies will be investing in a few sets! 

Roll on November!! 

Der H