Idea time - Brecourt Manor Board (Part 2)

...where were we....oh yes!

Look what I found!

2018-04-03 17.45.05.jpg

A huge board of Xtratherm. 10cm deep, 81cm wide and 169cm long. I was thinking of making two different Arcworlde boards for Troubles in the North. I also toyed with the idea of a cross roads map. In the end I settled on making the battery at Brecourt Manor. The only problem was modularity and mobility. the board as is is huge and unweildy (hence the chipped/torn edges). I wanted to make it as two boards with interchangeable positions - I love the assault on the guns, but not enough for it to be all I play!


Taking the line diagram above, along with the satelite image from google, I started to use GIMP to work out a board. GIMP allows images in cm measurements so things can be scaled appropriately.

Overlay 1 - Copy.png

Although the guns line up with the hedge row quite well, the fields to the left of the image dont...GIMP to the rescue!

Overlay 2 - Copy.png

This plan, to scale with my board, has the hedges moved and re positioned to match the google earth view. This fits nicely with a two part board where the left hand board can be moved and rotated to match any of the other edges!

Overlay 3 - Copy.png

Unfortunately there is a minor this scale 6 inches and the 25mm bases don't quite work...and to run an 80cm x 80cm board I need to lose 10cm from one end!

Overlay 4 - Copy.png