Soviet 203mm B-4 Howitzer

A conversation sprung up on Facebook's Bolt Action page (Seen here) about the Soviet 203mm B-4 Howitzer. This is a heavy (HEAVY) artillery piece mentioned in the Armies of the Soviet Union book from Warlord Games (The description can be seen in this post).



Combat: 17,700 kg
Travel: 19,000 kg

Crew: 15

 Shell: Separate loading charge and projectile

HE: 100 kg (220 lbs)

Caliber: 203 mm (8 in)

RoF: 1 round/min

Muzzle Velocity: 607 m/s

Maximum firing range: 18 km (11 mi)

The conversation started with "Does anyone know of or can recommend a good quality one made in 28mm for BA?". Thankfully the internet responded!!

The main kits found are available here:



There is also a video on YouTube reviewing the kit...


I had previously bought from Heer46 - It is a very nice beasty, which to date has seen glue, Halfords grey and a nice Soviet green!

2017-09-01 14.21.03.jpg
2017-09-01 14.21.09.jpg

There is then the issue of rules/viability in game. Several comments on Facebook related to this artillery piece went as follows:

"Pretty much only an objective, yes?"

"It's a corps level artillery piece. It has no place in a platoon level game."

I can certainly see their point of view - It is a big scary piece of kit, and one that certainly wouldn't be common place in a field in the Eastern front...but then I saw this gif...

2017-08-31 11.03.53.gif

I believe this to be from Berlin and it shows this artillery piece being used as direct fire in urban situations to deal with larger emplacements or dug in troops. For my own part, I have the two breech-loading mortars which also fit this category, but in larger games, or games in which my Soviets are dug in/defending such a piece of artillery I think it is fair game.... if onyl I could find a suitable artillery tractor in 28mm....


...any way...I now leave you with some pictures of this gorgeous B-4 Howitzer in action. Check back soon for progress (hopefully!)

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