Bolt Action - Soviet 160 mm Mortar M1943

After my first game of Bolt Action (grey and unfinished as it was) I fell in love with the mortar/artillery mechanics. The first shots never hit, but they add something tactical to the game. Successive barrages on a target that haven't moved are easier. Coupled with a game with such an innovative turn sequence (where even going first isn't necessarily a good thing), and weight of numbers (Handro: "bloody Soviets....grumble grumble") adding a bucket load of dice (Der H: "until they all get pinned and die....") artillery can really put pressure on an opponent.

I loved the miniatures for the small mobile artillery pieces, and have several, but I really wanted some big guns!

I came across a sorry looking Italian Autoblinda AB41, and (at that price!) couldn't say no! The wheels were metal too!

Out came the knife and away I went! I'd read in the Armies of the Soviet Union book that the MT-13 160mm breech-loading mortar was an example of the heavy mortar in the rule book - I had to figure it out!

After studying some reference pictures I set to work!

The basic parts were pretty easy to put together, but the super structure took more time.

I tried to get features like the angle from the axle to the base, the uprights and the control surfaces relatively recognisable, although no where near accurate!

The finished mortars, with jeep towing plugs!

The finished mortars, with jeep towing plugs!

This was a fun project, but as with many in the basement, it has taken a back seat. They currently sit unfinished, but at least they have some paint on them! This blog and this post will hopefully spur me on to finish them!

Der H