Project - Der H's IIIrd Legion Librarian

Progress for the Progress god!

I did some more work on the Forge World Cataphractii Terminator Librarian for my IIIrd legion. We discussed on this blog (here!) and over on Youtube (here!) the issues that come with the Emperors Children and Librarians. Aside from them looking awesome (Shout out to Lil Legend Studios!) I really wanted to add some late heresy goodness to my force. A psyker who can channel the excesses of Slaanesh to the extent that he can summon a Herald of Slaanesh to the table would surely warrant Fulgrim's favour.

Lets look at some pictures!

First off, the flames...these needed some serious cutting and re-sculpting...

The resculpting itself was relatively easy, but took time - I think the effect works but I'll no doubt find out when painting!

Next I had to sort out shoulder pads. The originals were very pointy, and fitting for Cataphractii armour and for the Night Lords/Sons of Horus, less so for the sleek lines of the IIIrd. I settled for the pads from the Primus Medicae (my own take of this is the topic for a future blog post!).

The Phoenix power spear replaced the force axe very nicely, the hand was simply swapped. Im glad FW released the Phoenix power spear upgrade set - saves a lot of eBay trawling!

The finished model is quite effective, if a little tall - I can't see this guy squeezing into ruins any time soon!

2017-08-14 16.28.24.jpg

Until we reach the later stages of the heresy in the Forge World black books I doubt we'll get much in the way of traitor psychic powers. For now, and in 7th, 2 mastery levels from Telepathy would work well. The Primaris Power Psychic Shriek works well for the IIIrd, and anything from Dominate, Terrify or Hallucination would be fitting powers granted by Slaanesh.

What do you think guys? Do you like the conversion?

Der H