Project - Bolt Action Winter terrain

I appear to be on a terrain binge!

Terrain is one of those things that can really make a game. Many people I have spoken to will spend huge amounts of time and money on buying, converting and painting their models in their chosen army (armies!) but often terrain is an after thought.

Im not sure why this is. I imagine it is partly related to space for storage. Possibly also a lack of experience building terrain! For many people, gaming at a store allows this omission to be ignored as most stores (GW in particular have spectacular gaming table with great terrain.

With the growth of YouTube, and its plethora of hobby channels, terrain building has become much easier. I particularly value the videos produced by Mel "The Terrain Tutor" with his channel. This guy always pumps out fantastic project logs and tutorials, often covering the experimental phase of terrain projects so you don't have to!

I will be uploading several more of my terrain projects over then next weeks adn months, but today I wanted to cover where I am up to with one project in particular - Bolt Action Winter terrain.

2017-07-29 21.43.50.jpg

As you can see there is quite a lot of it!

2017-07-29 21.43.20.jpg
2017-07-29 21.29.16.jpg

I wanted to make this usable for winter northern Europe, especially Battle of the Bulge/Belgium, but also for the Eastern Front/Russia. Band of Brothers was a big inspiration but I equally wanted modularity. This made foxholes especially dificult to do

There are three types of tree setup. Above is a set of "blasted trunks" to represent pine trees which have been felled by mortar rounds - visualise devastating scenes from the medic/BotB episode of Band of Brothers.

Below we have the smaller trees which will remain bare and barren.

In the top image, bottom left, eagle eyes readers will spot blank mounds - These are for some "gutter guard" pine trees to stick into. I might do a post on these trees at some stage but they are very much not my idea!!

To expand my range of terrain I included some infantry and tank obstacles. Czech hedgehogs, barbed wire and Dragons teeth all feature.

Bocage/Hedgerows (although not a Belgian thing) are vital for Bolt Action, so of course made an appearance.

All of these will be receiving some dark and moss flock cover. Some snow and mud effects and finally a dusting of snow static grass to finish them off.

More pictures to follow as well as a confession...I have bought more stuff!


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Thought for the day: "To the German commander. Nuts! From the American commander."