Unboxing - Bolt Action US Army infantry (Winter)

A two part review today guys!

First off we have the Bolt Action US Winter infantry.

A slightly old kit than the others reviewed so far - 2015 it seems! A nice box of miniatures indeed!

I have these guys to mix in with my plastic airborne to make an early Battle of the Bulge force with poor supply of winter gear.

Rather than bombard you with photographs, check out our video!

The second part I did not film, this is the Winter army HQ set.

This set comes with an HQ, a medic/stretcher beared, a radio man and trooper carrying said radio, and an additional trooper.

Carrying a stretcher!

Carrying a stretcher!

These are nice casts with a good amount of detail. The single separate head will be helpful - I hope to use a plastic head on him, and use the metal head elsewhere to add to the feeling that this platoon has grabbed what little gear they can before marching into Bastogne.

Hopefully you'll enjoy the video - we have a different style lined up for a few more unboxings this week!

Der H