TheHobbyButterflies - Live at the FWOD 2017!

And we are off!

Always an early start from the Hobby Butterflies' secret bunker in Manchester to make the pilgrimage to the money pit known at GWHQ!


We might have misjudged the traffic and arrived 'early' (Brother Handro: 'grumble grumble...lie in...') first queue of the day!


This was our first hint of the day! Necromunda coming soon!!


Could this be the skull from the coin, WH Communty promise more information today! 


 ...and we weren't disappointed (Der H:   'except by my photography...' )


House Goliath and House Escher....back for more I see...


They are lovely models, but only the two from each gang for now...


House Escher models all lined up - this is the source of the las-pistols!


Spoke to Andy Hoare about the new necromunda: 

- two gangs at first; plastic, semi-multi pose (similar to Scions) with each torso/leg combo having close combat and ranged variants. 

- 8th edition base rules set with expanded stat line (Will power, Leadership, Cool, etc) and simultaneous/reactive turns.  

 - no Phases per se but each model gets two 'actions'

- Leader, Heavies, Gangers and Juves, each with different activation options (Leader activates himself and two other models in range, Heavies activate themselves and one other model in range, Gangers activate themselves only, and poor old Juves can only activate themselves if they pass a 'call roll'  - whatever that is!)

- base game next month or November (had both from the guys, Andy said "Very soon, not this month but very soon", then hard back rules 2018 some time.

- no plastic terrain in box, but box is quite "ready to play" - we couldn't pin him down to any  terrain in box!

- soft back rules in box with Escher and Goliath lists, supplements later with new gangs, hired guns etc

- FW upgrades to plastic kits most likely!!

- no ganger conversions; if you want a lascannon heavy then you add him/buy him to your gang. Each gang is large (20-30 models) but games are played with a 'crew' of ~10 which is chosen/free choice, preselected for a specific mission or randomly in certain scenarios! 


The skull eagle was the new Necromunda logo after all... 


More doors for tanks! Bangles and Dangles doors as well as SoH. (All first founding also get Repulsor doors!)

Deimos pattern doors - glad I haven't bought any yet.... 

Deimos pattern doors - glad I haven't bought any yet.... 


Is the top of this tower new? I haven't seen the very top piece before!


Space Wolves character - "info to follow!" I said confidently....I have no information... nice though!


Artwork for next book! 


Drop ship! Lots of people buying these bad boys!


The new custodes terminators are beautiful! (Brother Handro: "Is that why you bought some eh?"). I had a good chat with Will Hayes about these and some of the more general aspects to the design process. We also spoke about his original idea for the Telemon pattern dreadnought - a conversion I might have to make now that he has made it sound SO amazing! (Der H: "I reckon I can bash one out in GIMP!", Brother Handro: "Stop saying gimp when we're together in public").


Shock horror! I didn't buy him....more to follow! 


Also shock horror, I didn't buy this either, but good god it is SO nice!!


More artwork! 

There is a story behind this picture! And it shall follow in another post!

There is a story behind this picture! And it shall follow in another post!


This is Mharaid Morrison. She is painting A Blood Angels logo. This makes me happy!


A better Goliath picture!


Titan bay! I will Post more from the museum - details below!


Part of my chat with Will Hayes is about the Sicarans - he hasn't worked on them, but by golly does he have some ideas!


The Punisher variant - not too great on table top, but good Lordy it is pretty! That is probably why Handro bought one! (Handro; two words mate; 'Whiirrrrr - Brrrrrrrrrrrt')

Over all it was an amazing day at Forge World today - although, not that much 'new ' stuff...more thoughts to follow!

Stay tuned for a week of post FWOD 2017 related content, including;

- our thoughts/reflections on the day

- our respective hauls, and the updates to the wall of shame! 

- our musings on the new goodies and our plans for our armies

- a look forward to Necromunda - and the other stuff I will be hoarding before then

- unboxing and review of the Firepike wielding custodes terminators

- Unboxing and review of Ixion Hale

- a potentially optimistic conversion from Der H

- photos from the warhammer world museum , both old and new

- my favourites from the 2016 Golden Daemon entries (Der H:   "did you see the BFG!") 

- a summary of my discussion with Andy about Necromunda

- a summary of my chat with Will about the design process and a photo edit of my interpretation for his vision of the Telemon pattern dreadnought (and my plans to build it!) 


 All that, and more, still to come from The Hobby Butterflies; "...and remember kids, purge the grey!"


Der H & Brother Handro