Project Update - Bolt Action Winter Terrain

Had a go today at making a flexible gaming mat from canvas and silicone....needs work but it is progress! The silicone has shrunk a little but the table is slightly bigger than 4x6 so hopefully I can cut it down to a nice 4x6 mat.

Trying to work out a method for snow:

  1. White paint and have done with it!
  2. White paint/filler and have it thicker over certain areas?
  3. White paint/Caulk/sand mix in some areas - flexible and raised
  4. Flock?
  5. Someone on Facebook recommended Aleene's 4oz Speciality Glue - True Snow...Has anyone any experience with this product?

What do you think?

I also got some trees onto their bases. I have 18 of these in total - made from Gutter guard (a tutorial might be something I do later....) They fix into their polystyrene bases pretty easily.

I'm hoping that this board can be finished with mat, scatter terrain and all the snow flock by the end of this next week. However I have some long days and some night shifts coming up, not to mention the Forge World Open Day 2017!

What are your thoughts guys?

Der H