Looking forward to the open day!

Ah the Forge World Open Day! We go every year and usually come back with armfuls of resin goodness and a thousand photographs which sit unpublished on my computer!

Not any more! 

This year The Hobby Butterflies will be attending as usual, but we shall be publishing pictures of our discoveries, news of our purchases, and summaries of the conversations with the FW design team.

A butterflies worst Nightmare

The FWOD is a day where, placed in WHW with a credit card, I ponder the multitude of choices in front of me.

The list of things I could buy is big this year! (Handro: Speak for yourself!) I clearly need to get Ixion Hale!  I have 2x5 custodes on sprue and think Ixion is the man to join them into a cohesive fighting force - In my head that means it is a project which is all bought, and jsut needs building and painting....easy right!


The new Blood Ravens character we all know and love from the Dawn of War series finally takes physical form and is, of course, very tempting also! I haven't decided on my 40k marines/Primaris yet and the Blood Ravens would be a mighty fine option...alternatively, it is a gorgeous model that can be carved up as needed - see my upcoming look back at my conversion of the Primus Medicae!

I also like the look of the three new Sicaran variants - two of the three we have already seen! The Arcus is my favourite and is already up for pre-order; it certainly looks like the plasma variant will be available on the day too!

The above are all, of course, known about and already available - what new stuff will we see? Well it looks like we have news on that too!

Clearly Custodes is the theme!

The aquilon pattern terminators are gorgeous models! I am undecided between the two variants although the infernus firepikes certainly have the nostalgia factor. Considering the size/on table power these guys have £49 isn't too bad really.

The sisters upgrade set is also nice, I have 5 sisters, and another five would be a nice addition with this upgrade set - not too high on my list though.

We can see the two Sicaran variants top right - the omega looks a little off at first glance - Ill need to get my eyes/hands on it directly I suppose.

The dropship is VERY nice! I know that my good buddy Handro has some views on the new custodes line of vehicles but this is a nice touch - Although for that money a Lancer comes first!

Adding to the IIIrd

I keep threatening to add to my IIIrd legion boys - Fulgrim and some more Phoenix guard terminators would be very pretty! As would a Stormeagle to fly them around in!

I keep threatening to buy a Lancer too...one day...


The XXth legion are everywhere! I have several parts (including Autilon Skorr) lined up for a potential XXth Legion project and keep meaning to pick up some XXth parts.....is this weekend the weekend?

Things to look out for this Sunday! 

- Our live postings from the FWOD!

- Necromunda/specialist games news

- Titanicus (surely due some news now!)

- news for the next black book (Bangles and Dangles!!) 

- 30k 7th Ed rules book

- Valdor? 

- new models!

- A bag full of grey stuff to add to the list.

We will probably do a hobby day "live stream" on the monday, with pictures and an updating blog post during that day of our hobby progress!

Der H

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