Warhammer World - Exhibition - New and Exciting

Warhammer world events usually come with free exhibition tickets….what’s not to like!



The entrance way dio is now Signus Prime! This board is stunning. Mostly Khorne, but some other deities are represented.

2019-05-26 13.28.39.jpg
2019-05-26 13.28.58.jpg

The terrain effect is very cool. A dry, dusty/rocky board is scattered with stoney spikes and openings in the ground. These openings are largely blood pits, and various daemons can be seen emerging from them. Awesome work.

2019-05-26 13.28.48.jpg
The main man himself, Sanguinius!

The main man himself, Sanguinius!

2019-05-26 13.30.28.jpg

Titanicus has a display in the hall also! A titan column assaulting a fortification is such a nice idea, and the scene just makes me want to finish my titanicus stuff (Brother Handro: I’m waiting….)

I love the retro section. I hadn’t spotted the Slann previously; the old nids and harlequins are oldies but always nice!

Retro time!

Retro time!

On the retro theme, there was an army which highlighted the flexibility of the Militia list…

2019-05-26 13.27.18.jpg
2019-05-26 13.27.22.jpg
2019-05-26 13.27.26.jpg

One display that always catches my attention is the Krieg/Blood Angels defensive line….no words needed….

A new display, to us at least, is outpost 402; Dark Eldar attacking Imperial Guard in the jungle by an Eldar portal… beautiful terrain, and a great theme!

That about does it for our new spots. As always the Exhibition hall is stunning and makes me very keen to paint, build and play this great game. Check out our old post on the Warhammer World Museum, and keep your eyes peeled for more progress in the next few weeks!

Der H & Brother Handro