der H

Pledges - October 2017

(Der H: "Lets go for three in a row shall we!")

Well guys, two completed months in and we keep...buying things! But don't worry, we also keep finishing things too!

Last month I finally finished my Blood and Plunder Sloop and my Winter Terrain set, whilst Brother Handro finished a superb looking Tau TX4!

The shame train keeps on running, (Brother Handro: "more posts on that soon!") but so long as we keep finishing our pledges....well, it is easier to ignore...

With that in mind, let's get to next month!

Der H

I, Der H, do hereby and herein solemnly swear, on my honour and worthiness as an Able Seaman, to complete both my Blood and Plunder Brigantine and Frigate, else I be condemned to the locker of Davy Jones.

2017-10-01 17.04.32.jpg
2017-10-01 17.04.14.jpg

Brother Handro

I, Brother Handro, swear to complete one TY7 Devilfish of the Vior'la Sept, else I besmirch the honour of the Fire Caste.



Fingers crossed at making it three-for-three!

Der H & Brother Handro

The Hobby Butterflies

Thought for the day: "Only the insane have strength enough to prosper. Only those who prosper may truly judge what is sane."