NW30K - Coronid Deeps - Campaign

Finally some games played! Here in the North-West of England we have a 30K FB group. Ive watched and never joined in before, but no longer!

THis month I have played 2 (yes...TWO!) whole games of heresy. 2000pts using the book IV conquest system. We have two campaign characters (with details of these to follow!) starting with one skill and one advancement.

I've played against a jetbike heavy Scars list, and a Wolves list with twin Arcus backline....needless to say my inexperience, poor list optemisation and general foolishness has lead to two crushing defeats....

Brother Handro: "....best paint some jetbikes then eh!"

2018-06-07 19.18.13-1.jpg
2018-06-08 19.29.53-2.jpg
2018-06-08 19.30.02.jpg
2018-06-08 20.04.26-2.jpg
2018-06-08 20.59.37-2.jpg
2018-06-08 21.51.26-2.jpg

More games to follow, hopefully with some success!

Der H