Project Update - Lord Commander Eidolon

Step up Brother Handro, I'm in the lead (with my one model...)

I spent some of this afternoon starting to block out some of the colours on this guy, as well as tidying up the purple/adding a wash.

It is quite a nice kit to paint, although some of the recessed areas are difficult to access. I like the additon of black to the standard purple/white/gold theme the IIIrd have going on. I try to use the black panels to represent the more corrupted areas of the legion, whilst the palatine blades and the purer sections tend to get some silver panel work.

2017-08-06 18.29.57.jpg

I also made some progress on his base. I want it to be worn, rusted and ruined to contrast the pure brilliance and perfection of Eidolon (Der H:"A difficult task with my painting skill"). It needs to dry and be drybrushed with silver to finish it off but now it has magnets it is nearly there!

What do you guys think so far? Feel free to comment below or over on my blog at Bolter and Chainsword.

Der H