FWOD 2018 - Brief summary!

Huzzah! Anther successful open day!

The dawn chorus was once again rudely interrupted by the sound of a poorly tuned diesel, and we began the 2 hour journey to Nottingham. Arriving in the middle of what would become the eventual queue, we surged into the sales hall and realised.....we don't actually need anything new!

[Brother Handro: "To the Forgeworld store!"]

Two proteus' (Armoured and standard) and some doors for Handro, and the Last chance to buy renegade preachers [Der H: "Watch this space..."] for Der H and we returned our winnings to the car.

Several trips around the design studio hall, and the obligatory tour of the museum, later and we  had seen much!

A second [Brother Handro: "...and third"] trip round the forge world store saw Der H finally cave in and buy 5 more phoenix terminators and a Spartan with IIIrd legion doors....and a LCTB Hounds of Xaphan....don't ask!

Over the next few days we will post some summaries covering a review of the information gleamed about Titanicus - including and over the shoulder view of Tony unboxing the Grand Master Edition - and a post covering new releases and the new stuff from the studio!

For now here are our two new releases from today:

2018-07-15 13.05.31.jpg
2018-07-15 10.32.45.jpg
2018-07-15 13.05.25.jpg
2018-07-15 10.32.54 HDR.jpg

Lastly, stay tuned for tomorrow where we will review, with images, an unboxing from TC himself.

2018-07-15 10.45.49-2.jpg

Der H & Brother Handro

NW30K - The Coronid Deeps - Character profile

Time for the main man! Praetor Lucius Tredecimus Brutus!

Lucius Image.jpg

A game of poor rolling for Ld tests - even with an apothecary, champion and 7 palatine blades the deathsworn and magic Wolves champion, apothecary chap cut them down and a spectacularly failed Ld (5 & 6) meant they ran off the table - 6" deployment zones be damned!

Better luck next time!

Der H

NW30K - The Coronid Deeps - Character Profile

To follow on from my last post, now that I've played two campaign games its time to show off my campaign characters - today its Brother Chaplain Exurdo!

Exurdo Image.jpg

Exurdo didn't fare too well in his first game - his tactical squad was wiped off the board and he was left in combat with the Scars' praetor and his whole squad! Exurdo hit hard, and in teh challenge left the praetor concussed and one wound down. However, hit and run with jetbikes meant he ran, doubled back and cut him down on the charge.

Post battle he gained an attack but was captured. This is fun in and of itself; it means next month we'll have a Liberation mission to play!

Glory to the IIIrd!

Exurdo Combat.jpg

Der H

NW30K - Coronid Deeps - Campaign

Finally some games played! Here in the North-West of England we have a 30K FB group. Ive watched and never joined in before, but no longer!

THis month I have played 2 (yes...TWO!) whole games of heresy. 2000pts using the book IV conquest system. We have two campaign characters (with details of these to follow!) starting with one skill and one advancement.

I've played against a jetbike heavy Scars list, and a Wolves list with twin Arcus backline....needless to say my inexperience, poor list optemisation and general foolishness has lead to two crushing defeats....

Brother Handro: "....best paint some jetbikes then eh!"

2018-06-07 19.18.13-1.jpg
2018-06-08 19.29.53-2.jpg
2018-06-08 19.30.02.jpg
2018-06-08 20.04.26-2.jpg
2018-06-08 20.59.37-2.jpg
2018-06-08 21.51.26-2.jpg

More games to follow, hopefully with some success!

Der H

Forge World Open Day 2017 - Golden Demon Highlights!

Each year we go to Warhammer World we take in the exhibition hall - this time was no exception. The things that really caught my eye this time were the Golden Demon entries! Here are some of our favorites!

Battlefleet Gothic has a special place in my heart...because it is amazing. The detail on the effects is stunning!

Battlefleet Gothic has a special place in my heart...because it is amazing. The detail on the effects is stunning!

A favorite for Brother Handro!

A favorite for Brother Handro!

Don't want or need a Titan...how about a claw as a scenic base!

Don't want or need a Titan...how about a claw as a scenic base!

This was a stunning entry....speechless!

This was a stunning entry....speechless!

There were some fantastic models/dioramas/armies on display this year - more than I can photograph!

Inspiration to any Hobby Butterfly with a pile of grey models to get through!

Der H

Unboxing - Warhammer World Exclusive Librarian in Cataphractii Armour

Another quick article to link in with a video due to appear on our channel this week: an unboxing, review, and my plans for the Warhammer World-exclusive Librarian in Cataphractii Terminator armour.

This is is a contentious model which initially received mixed reviews due to what was seen as legion specific detailing. The Cataphractii armour is the most popular, but the spiked pads, the skulls and the tattered cape all screamed Night Lords (probably influenced by the midnight blue paint scheme...)

Hope you like skulls...

Hope you like skulls...

As an Emperors Children player I didnt pick this guy up last year; partially as I had other purchases in mind (Brother Handro: "whatever happened to those Crimson Fists?"), partially due to the legion specific issues mentioned above, and partially because the IIIrd legion didn't make use of librarians....that one is a stumbling block really!

Not to worry, I have a plan! Fulgrim did support the Librarius project at the council of Nikea, and so early to mid-Heresy I imagine those flawed members of the IIIrd legion who consorted with the forces of Slaanesh might be rebranded as gifted. I have no back story yet, but it shall come...

Lets take a look at the kit!

Nice details with the skulls, the scrolls and the face. The small skulls around his head are really well cast!

You didn't want this in focus right?

You didn't want this in focus right?

The flame effect is also inconsistently received by most hobbyists - SFx on models is difficult, but this works (IMHO). The bloodletter though.....less so....

What ever could these parts be for....watch the video below to find out!

Overall a great kit guys - if you were holding out on picking this chappy up then.....well....don't. Hopefully this week you will see a blog post demonstrating that he might not be as legion specific as you might think!

Der H

Unboxing - Ixion Hale

Another unboxing for you guys - Ixion Hale!

Lovely black character series box! It really does add to the boutique feel of some FW kits!

Blister pack style inset?

Checked by cards - seems this one was boxed a little while back now!

The packaging is very tidy - good protection with blister foam

The picture gallery above shows the key parts in nice detail - we discuss this more in our YouTube un-boxing video (link below!) but the details are slightly softened. The detail is all there, nothing is lost, but as compared with several other FW character series kits (Eidolon & the Terminator librarian as examples in my own bunker) the kit seems slightly softer. It may be that this is due to the numbers cast, simply a one off bad cast (although the details are still stunning) or perhaps this is how it is meant to be. Several videos on line (Here and here) seem to show slightly better quality - pot luck some times!

Here the details can be compared - are my standards too high?

Brother Handro and I discuss the options for this character in the video - essentially it's a build your own as a Legio Custodes Shield Captain.

In Inferno this chap is a very flexible character with a range of equipment and weapons. I'm imaging a build including a paragon spear to represent the halberd will do nicely. There are some conversions replacing the helmet holding arm with a plastic Custodes shield (like that by Marcel Kinrade found here) - this would allow the WAAC tactic inclusion of a Praesidium shield for extra -1 to hit & re-roll failed invulnerable saves. 2+/4++(re-roll) and -1 to hit is strong, but not what I'd run all the time - Magnets? Watch this space.

Overall, I like this kit. The finish is a slight disappointment, but if you haven't got him already (Brother Handro: "and like this sort of thing!") then buy him now!

Der H

Thought for the day:"Do not question the Will of the Emperor!"

Forge World Open Day 2017 - Necromunda summary & thoughts

Another post related to the Open day, "how long can they drag this out" I hear you cry!


So as I mentioned in my on-the-day post, we were able to speak with Andy Hoare about the new Necromunda.

Necromunda was the buzzword for the event, I'll try to break this down into some semblance of order!

Andy spoke to us about the release itself. The box is sculpted by the Specialist Games team, but made in plastic. The boxed set is designed to be ready to play and to start with includes two gangs - Goliaths and Escher. These two gangs have 10 models each, which is made of two 5 model sprues. The kits, as I mentioned, will be plastic, and semi-multi pose in a way not dissimilar to the Scion kit - the torso/leg combinations each have close combat and ranged options, and the heads are/may be interchangeable and free to be posed as we wish. 

The gangs themselves consist of the same classes as before; Leader, Heavy, Ganger and Juve. They now have a different activation system, which I will get onto below. A key feature Andy spoke about was the progression/market/adding to gangs. They seem pretty keen for us not to destroy/convert our models once finished - think back to the old Gorkamorka models who would be cut up and re-built because an Orc lost an arm! If, for example, you wanted a lascannon, but had a heavy bolter Heavy. Rather than have that Heavy buy a lascannon at the market, you would add a lascannon Heavy to your gang. This way a gang becomes quite large, up to 20-30 miniatures. This is then countered by the use of a crew for each mission.

Each mission will have information of how to build your crew. This might be do-it-yourself, it might say you must take x, y and z, or it might give you a random selection from your gang.

Similarly, we asked how the rule set works. Expecting this release to be based on Shadow War rules, or even just a straight re-print, we were surprised to find that it uses a completely new rule set based on 8th Edition. Andy described it like this: Necromunda (Based on 2nd Ed) was easy to play because players knew 2nd, and learned the added special rules. Now most people dont know/play 2nd, but they do play 8th. The team want this game to share that familiarity, and so players of 8th Edition can pick this game up, and play safe in the knowledge that they know the basics. However, Necromunda 2017 has some key differences - first off they are doing away with the you-go-I-go system. Now there will be an alternate/split activation system where each model has 2 actions. These actions could be run, jump, shoot or other action that might be necessary. Each class (Leader, Heavies, Gangers and Juves) has different activation options. In this example a Leader can activate himself and then two other models in range. Heavies activate themselves and one other model in range, whilst Gangers activate themselves only. Poor old Juves can only activate themselves if they pass a dice roll similar to bottle/cool/Ld etc. In addition to this change in turn sequence the 8th edition base gets an expanded stat line with things such as Will power, Leadership and Cool. 

Timing was difficult to pin down. We had heard November from one source, but Andy seemed to suggest this would be sooner with the base game next month (Andy said "Very soon, not this month but very soon"), then hardback rules 2018 some time. Similarly, additional gangs, missions, objectives, hired guns and their respective rules would be released as supplements as time goes on.

I tried to press Andy for some information regarding terrain. His answer was cryptic, but when I said "so there is no plastic terrain in the box", he said"No, but the box is ready to play". Card stock terrain?

Going forwards we can expect FW upgrades to the plastic kits, as well as new plastics for other gangs.


Many people, including myself, are very excited about this. I didn't play Necromunda, but played BFG, Gorkamorka and Inquisitor, and love the smaller skirmish games with character progression.

I might well do an article in due course of my top 10 conversion bits for skirmish games - it is a big list!

What do you think guys? Excited for Necromunda?

Der H